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An Italian company producing heating and cooling systems is looking for distributors all over Europe.

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An Italian company designing and producing radiant systems, thermoregulation, air handling and heat pumps using high quality materials and the newest technologies is looking for distributors all over Europe.

Offer description

For more than 30 years, this medium-size company located in the North East of Italy has been operating in the field of system components for heating and cooling with a wide product range. The company is in the position to react quickly and flexibly to its international customers’ demands thanks to the experience and the knowledge gained offering its partners individually designed solutions for their most different requirements. Assuming that modern, more and more hermetical buildings, do not ensure suitable air exchange, the company is able to guarantee health and comfort that means air quality (fresh air, rich in oxygen, taken in from outside, filtered and dehumidified) thanks to a complete range of units, which can be successfully used in combination with radiant systems for air renewal and for humidity control. The solution consists in specific devices defined as dehumidifiers that guarantee energy saving thanks to heat recovery and free-cooling, easy installation (embedded, wall, ceiling versions), no condensation nor mould risk: they can be used in combination with radiant systems for fresh air ventilation and efficient control over summer humidity. There are various models available, depending on their use in residential or commercial applications: 1. Small dehumidifiers for residential applications recirculating room air and dehumidify it during summer 2. Small units for residential applications for primary air control and air handling during summer 3. Air handling units for residential applications with air renewal and heat recovery 4. Dehumidifiers for commercial applications 5. Heat recovery units for commercial applications 6. Handling units with air renewal and heat recovery These refrigeration units can imply additional functions such as dehumidification, renewal, free-cooling and thermoventilation. These functions are obtained by using both heating and cooling energy with minimum consumption, an ideal complementary element of a radiant installation. The company produces also heat pumps (option for domestic hot water production) exploiting the endless heat coming from the sun: when they are combined with radiant heating and cooling, they represent more cost-effective solutions, because surface systems need lower winter water temperature and higher summer water temperature, therefore the efficiency of the heat pump increases

Innovations and advantages

The quality of its products are guaranteed by European certification UNI EN ISO 9001:2008. Moreover, the company is a founding member of Q Rad, i.e. the Italian Association gathering the Producers of High-Quality Radiant Systems. Thanks to this, the company has developed solutions to increase comfort in rooms for different applications, such as houses, shops, offices, warehouses, hospitals, hotels, etc. both for new and renovated buildings.

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Area of partner's activity

The company is interested in expanding cooperation in the EU market by identifying distributors that can sell its products in the EU market


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