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An Italian associated engineering studio is looking for new potential partners in foreign countries

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The Italian company is an associated engineering studio that operates in structural matters, mainly in structural steelwork. The company is looking to improve collaborations with partners in Europe and can offer subcontracting collaborations with construction companies and contractors; the company can also offer services agreements with construction companies and engineering studios.

Offer description

This italian company was founded in 1992. The founders were involved in a famous steel construction company in the North of Italy before they start their own company. Thie company is an engineering studio with long experience in structural steelwork sector. The main activities of this Studio are the design of steel structures, cold formed steel structures and curtain wall facade in Italy and in foreign countries; another important activity of the company is optimization projects made to reduce the cost of construction. The company can offer serveral types of services: - feasibility studies with pre-dimensioning, estimates, forecasts spending. - work with challenging complexity planning and construction - management of delivery times and build quality through pre-assembly, dimensional checks, checks on welding and materials - design to reduce construction costs and holding due importance in the architectural aspects - interventions structural optimization also on structural design has already been performed, to reduce the costs of construction - workshop drawings with three-dimensional realistic view details - reliefs in opera The company already have experience with projects in foreign countries: the company realized the project for important buildings in Qatar, Algeria, Spain. Now the company wants to improve his presence in foreign markets; they are searching new potential collaborations (like construction companies and contractors, engineering studios, architecture studios), capable to introduce the Studio in new foreign projects. The company can offer subcontracting collaborations with construction companies and contractors. The company is also interested in services agreements with construction companies, contractors, architecture and engineering studios. Partners can be from all Europe.

Innovations and advantages

This company has over 20 years of experience in his own sectors. The company can offer an optimization services reduce the cost of construction; the company can offer optimization also for structural designs that has already been performed. The company can provide structural design of cold formed steel structures: an innovative and environmental-friendly technology for lightweight and cost-saving steel structures; structural calculation of aluminium and glass or steel and glass wall façade for building or ships; structural calculation and workshop drawings of power lines and cableways pylons; fire design of structural steelwork.

Market application codes

09003001 Engineering services
09007004 Engineering and consulting services related to construction
09008004 Other utilities and related firms

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Area of partner's activity

The Italian company is looking to expand their collaborations with foreign partners in order to improve their export activities. The company can offer subcontracting collaborations and/or services agreements. Potential counterparts can be: engineering firms, engineering studios, architects and architects studios, general contractors, structural steelwork companies and contractors, shipbuilding and curtain walling contractors. Partner can be from all Europe.


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