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An innovative Spanish company specialized in the design, development, production and sale of innovative scientific instrumentation for laboratory automation is seeking for distributors and potential clients

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Spanish SME offers its products and services in the field of analytical chemistry. The main activity of the company is the development and production of devices for laboratory automation and analytical services. Universities and public or private companies interested in implementing or distributing innovative scientific instrumentation are being sought. The types of collaboration offered are distribution services agreement, outsourcing agreement, services agreement, or subcontracting.

Offer description

The Spanish company is an innovative spin-off focused on the development of analytical instrumentation and especially in the laboratory automation field. It also has know-how in analytical and environmental chemistry. The automated instrumentation allows increasing the number of samples analysed, decrease operating costs and enhance quality. The company designs and commercializes analytical instrumentation and accessories for laboratory automation such as multisyringe and other flow liquids drivers, switching valve modules, chips and lab-on-valves, cuvette holders and connectors among others. The company also provides an easy to use software solution designed to be applied for a large number of equipment, devices, detectors and instruments from different brands. It is based on dynamic link libraries (DDL) system for coupling and controlling these instruments with other equipment such as mass spectrometers, High-Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC), etc. The instrumentation and devices commercialized by the spin-off are intended for research laboratories worldwide. As expert in Analytical Chemistry involved in environmental subjects, the company also offers consulting services on environmental problems and analytical services for surveillance plans. All enterprises and institutions engaged in the field of chemical and environmental analyses, quality control, pharmaceutical industry, food safety or biotechnological industry interested in distribution services agreement, outsourcing agreement, services agreement, or subcontracting are being sought.

Innovations and advantages

The use of automation technology in a laboratory helps obtaining accurate and precise results, improves productivity, and minimizes totals costs. The company, in comparison to its competitors, offers economic and customized products, easy to use and adapted to the specific needs of customers. Some of the products developed are unique in the market. In addition it offers versatile and robust software that allows the integration of a large number of devices such as detectors or flow instruments for controlling and monitoring the above mentioned equipment in real time. Some of the applications of the commercialized products are: determination of environmental parameters, drug testing of athletes, food safety, forensic medicine, pharmaceutical industry, proteomics, etc.

Technology keywords

05001001 Analytical Chemistry
09001003 Chemical material testing

Market application codes

09003005 Consulting services
09004008 Other manufacturing (not elsewhere classified)

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Type of partner sought

The company seeks research groups, universities and public or private companies interested in implementing innovative scientific instrumentation. The types of collaboration offered are distribution services agreement, outsourcing agreement, services agreement, or subcontracting


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