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An innovative management system for fruit and vegetables producers allowing to optimise processes and increase cost effectiveness

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A Polish developer of dedicated software for major sectors of economy is offering an innovative management system for the fruit and vegetables industry, allowing to optimise the processes on plantations and increase cost-effectiveness. Services or commercial agency agreement is considered.

Offer description

This Polish developer of IT solutions for food and agriculture, fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) branch, transport and logistics, production as well as other branches provides services utilising modern technologies. Their priority is to provide customers with effective business tools through IT solutions, based on the idea of adjusting technologies to solutions (and not the other way around). The client is focused on the human side of technology, that is, the actual functionality of the software. The offer of the company is based on extensive knowledge and is addressed to a variety of industries ranging from heavy production to transport and logistics to agriculture, food and tobacco. Their experience includes development of IT solutions for international producers. Among the first solutions successfully delivered to customers were niche software systems for the sugar, fruit and vegetable industry. The product portfolio includes both complex IT systems for corporate clients and small-scale solutions for small and medium businesses. Depending on the customer's needs, the company provide in-house, individually designed desktop and mobile solutions, as well as increasingly popular SaaS (software as a service) solutions that do not require additional investments in the IT infrastructure and are ready to use ‘as is.’ One of the flag products offered by this company is a system specially designed for the fruit and vegetables industry. It is a warehouse management system that combines the features of systems managing contacts with suppliers and customers (CRM - customer relationship management, SRM – supplier relationship management), inventory turnover documents and storage marketing service, purchase and sales invoices, and also enables management of payments and settlements with contractors. It is a traceability comprehensive system that enables reliable and efficient tracking of the supplies chain back and forth. It ensures keeping the highest quality of product (fruit and vegetables) delivered to the customer and supports effective management of the company, providing larger and better sales. Business partners from the agricultural branch (fruit and vegetable producers) interested in incorporating the offered system are welcome. Commercial agency partnership is also considered.

Innovations and advantages

One of the greatest advantages of the offered system is the increase of the management level and good organisation of raw material management. It enables advanced optimisation of the processes related with the delivery of raw material (fruit and vegetables) to production and processing facilities - streamlining the sorting and packaging, real-time process control. System implementation may result in significant savings e.g. in transport cost, even up to 20 percent and more.

Technology keywords

01004003 Applications for Transport and Logistics
01004009 CRM - Customer relationship Management
07001001 Agriculture Machinery / Technology
07001004 Crop Production

Market application codes

02007011 Manufacturing/industrial software
02007014 Other industry specific software
09005 Agriculture, Forestry, Fishing, Animal Husbandry & Related Products

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Type of partner sought

Fruit and vegetables producers interested in implementing the offered system at their facilities, companies related to the agricultural branch interested in providing commercial agency services for the client related implementation of the offered system at fruit and vegetables plantations.


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