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An Indian manufacturer of eco-friendly bacterial chemicals for cleaning applications is looking for distributors or commercial agents

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An Indian research oriented manufacturer of eco-friendly bacterial chemicals for cleaning applications in sewage treatment, industrial waste water treatment, lakes and urinals is looking for distributors and sellers in the framework of distribution services or commercial agency agreement.

Offer description

Established in 2009, the Indian company is a manufacturer of bio-culture - eco-friendly bacterial chemicals for cleaning applications. The biological treatment of industrial and domestic wastewater is an important biotechnological application. When microbial populations are enhanced in wastewater treatment systems, their beneficial activities result in the efficient removal of organic matter, toxic substances, nutrients and pathogens from waste water. The company’s products and services are based on ultimate principle of treating waste water containing organic matter to be treated biologically and in an eco-friendly way. Their research and development team has successfully isolated, multiplied in fermentation reactor in solid and liquid form. These strains of useful bacteria have the ability to convert different industrial and municipal waste water into nuisance free treated water disposed into natural water sources, rivers, lakes, etc. The bio-culture in powdered form is useful in treating waste water from various manufacturing industries like pharmaceutical, textile, sugar, pulp and paper, oil and grease, petroleum, detergents, distilleries, etc. The liquid form of cleaning IT solution works on the principle of biological treatment used in the pore cleaning of floors, removal of odor in public urinal and toilet facilities and treating the human faeces by biological means. A microbial culture used for wastewater treatment is microorganism good to promote decomposition of various materials and to decrease BOD, COD and SS concentration, being added to the aeration tank. The microbial culture for wastewater treatment is classified into a solid type and a liquid type formulation. Bacteria are important contributors to the transformation of complex organic compounds in wastewater treatment system and are essential for the optimal operation and preservation of biological treatment systems. The company is looking for partners from the following sectors: a. organisation which supplies waste water treatment plants (STP/ETP), b. distributors of chemicals used in waste water treatment plants, c. organization which deals in services of hygiene and housekeeping (offices, schools, hospitals, municipal corporation). d. organizations which provides waste water consultancy, e. seller of chemicals to waste water industry, f. manufacturer of bio-toilet and mobile toilet g. organisations which undertakes the annual maintenance contracts operation and maintenance of waste water treatment plants h. agencies which engage in installation and erection, commissioning activities of waste water treatment plants (WWPT) The Indian manufacturer wants to expand to overseas markets and is looking for partners interested in commercial agency agreements or distribution services agreements.

Innovations and advantages

A. Bioculture - solid form powdered solid form of products: * these are specially formulated micro-organisms which are natural and safe form of microbes * helps in trouble shooting ETP/STP/waste water treatment plant problems like: reducing COD/BOD; removes odor; Rapid growth of MLSS with high MLVSS content; debulking of filamentous sludge * quick commissioning of biological system * eco-friendly and user friendly product * powdered form - easy to use and transport and store * reduces overall cost of operation B. Bioculture - liquid form * it is biologically formulated bacteria in liquid form * easy handling, harmless and chemical free * it leaves pleasant smell after every use * useful in troubleshooting the problems of bad odor in public urinals, toilets seats in washrooms of offices malls, residential house and buildings

Technology keywords

10003006 Waste disinfection / detoxification
10004001 Industrial Water Treatment
10004002 Municipal Water Treatment
10004003 Wastewater Recycling
10004006 Sludge Treatment / Disposal

Market application codes

08004003 Water treatment equipment and waste disposal systems
09008002 Water, sewerage, chemical and solid waste treatment plants

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Type of partner sought

Type : waste water consultants; selling chemicals to waste water industry; manufacturer of bio and mobile toilet; undertaking annual maintenance contracts, manufacturers and original equipment suppliers to set up STP,ETP,WWTP. Role : Looking for partners interested in commercial agency agreements or distribution services agreements.


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