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Agents and/or distributors are requested for bakery and confectionery products produced in Cyprus

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A Cypriot group of companies which manufacture and retail top quality deep frozen bakery and confectionery products is looking for agents and distributors cooperating with retail shops with large in-store bakeries, supermarket chains and other entities in the catering industry to represent or sell its products.

Offer description

The Cypriot bakery company was founded in 1975 as a small bakery and gradually it was turned into the market leader by maintaining the same initial values. As the time passes the company grew and developed extending its activities in the production and sales of homemade like cooked food, catering services, pizzas, salads, sandwiches meeting the needs of the Cypriot consumers. The main activity of the company is the production, retail and sale of fresh pastry and confectionery products. Many of the company’s products are: - Different kind of pastry snacks - Different types of Baguettes - Different types of Breads - Different kind of savory/ salty products - Different kind of Cakes Currently, the company has a 20,000m2 manufacturing plant which supplies its 53 own stores all over Cyprus as well as local and international customers. Being one of the few large enterprises of the country it employs 1300 people, has an annual turnover of over 80 million euro and enjoys a 35% market share of the bakery product market. It has also three production units, equipped with the latest technology. The company offers a large variety of products and services for the local market and a selection of premium bakery products for the international one. International customers can be supplied with frozen products; all made with natural ingredients such as olives, spinach, almonds, apples and local cheese known as haloumi, ready to be baked and served within minutes. Additionally, it has a long experience in producing and selling high quality products following strict quality standards and honored with all relevant certifications BRC Grade A, IFS Higher Level, ISO 22000, and ISO 9001. Moreover, it has a considerable experience in exporting products in Europe, North America and Middle East countries. The Cypriot bakery company is looking for trade intermediary services from Europe and beyond (especially from China, Croatia, Egypt, Iceland, Norway, Russia, Serbia, Switzerland, Ukraine, USA). It is seeking agents and distributors cooperating with retail shops with large in-store bakeries, supermarket chains and other entities in the catering industry to represent or sell its deep frozen products abroad. In more details, the requested agents would act as representatives of the Cypriot company on a commission basis and the distributors would buy products from the Cypriot company and then resell them with a profit margin.

Innovations and advantages

The Cypriot company has more than 40 years of experience in the production, and retail of fresh pastry and confectionery products. The company guarantees the fine quality and hygiene of its products with respect to the needs of modern consumers. The company is certified with 4 international certificates (ISO 9001, ISO 22000, BRC, IFS) for the production of confections and pastry products, pointing out the significance that is given to the continuous quality control and safety of foods. The company is already engaged in trans-national cooperation.

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07006 Other Consumer Related (not elsewhere classified)
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Area of partner's activity

The potential partner should be a chain supermarket, or a bakery, or a reliable and experienced trading company (retailer or importer) that supply fresh pastry and confectionery products. It should also have a well-organized distribution network and an existing customer base. Trans-national cooperation experience of the potential partner is also preferred. The potential partner should promote the sale of the Cypriot company’s products in its territory and should agree to maintain a level of expertise necessary to promote and service the Cypriot company’s products.


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