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Agents and distributors required for secure key and asset-management products

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UK Company providing secure key and asset management products is seeking trade intermediary agents and distributors across Europe. The company are looking for partners to be able to promote the mechanical systems and associated consumables within the automotive, estate and letting agents, emergency services and government facilities. These key systems are designed to effectively manage, track, and control a company’s keys and assets.

Offer description

The UK Company has been established for 20 years manufacturing a world registered brand of boards, using a simple to use peg-in peg-out system to store and track keys. The layout of the key-board and sealed key rings ensure all keys are always perfectly organised, so the keys are always exactly where they should be. If an authorised user requires keys, they simply insert a given colour coded and initialled access peg to release the required keys. The personal peg is then locked in until the keys are returned. If 3 or 4 bunches are required then the user simply has 3 or 4 pegs. The sealed key fob ensures all keys are returned as a complete bunch. This brilliant and simple system ensures there is never any wasted time looking for keys, as all keys are always in the exact position, or it is clear exactly that has them. With single peg-in peg-out units also used for tools and equipment, such as ladders etc., ensuring they are always returned to the correct position. Another add-on is padlock tracker, used in factories for Health and Safety padlock tracking. The UK company are looking for agents and distributors to be their representatives, it would help if they were already involved in an industry / sector that have a multiple key system that is used by a number of people.

Innovations and advantages

The huge benefits of using this system are clear to all users - no more wasted time looking for keys and never any more lost keys. The huge benefit to the reseller or agent is an innovative new product that does not go wrong and is appreciated by all that see it. In addition guaranteed repeat business on accessories - as the user will cut off the old key seal when the keys are changed and order new identity pegs as staff change. The system is modular, so the user can simply add additional system boards of any size as the number of keys increase. With no electronic parts, this system is simple to stock, sell and service. Innovations include a simple to use sign-in sign-out software package hosted on the company's servers, using a simple tablet at the reception of any building, using fingerprint, card or pin access. This keeps a complete record of all key movements that is easily searchable via the internet, producing reports and auto e-mails and texts as required. Overdue key users receive auto messages before managers. All alarms are set by the administrative user.

Market application codes

07001005 Sport facilities (gyms and clubs)
09001003 Leasing of railcars, buses, cars, etc.
09001005 Motor vehicles, transportation equipment and parts
09002002 Real estate
09002003 Banking

Preferred countries

Denmark, Finland, France, Ireland, Norway, Russian Federation, Spain, Sweden

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Area of partner's activity

The ideal partner will need to be enthusiastic smaller businesses, intent on building a solid business with reputable business customers. The mechanical system is a brilliant simple system that does require demonstration to potential customers, so only enthusiastic, driven companies or individuals should take this on. Now used by all major motor-dealers, estates companies/agents and key holding companies in the UK, but once were new here too. The company provide all training and support both at the Birmingham factory and in the partner country. Marketing, literature and exhibition support is also provided as international sales are seen as extremely important to the company's continued growth plan.


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