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Advanced and flexible nanogravimetric measurement solutions for scientific and technical use developed by an Italian SME looking for commercial intermediaries

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An Italian company with a multidisciplinary background in electronic and mechanics, blended with biology and genetics, has developed a set of nanogravimetric measurement solutions (micro-balances), with static and flow cells for liquids and gases and for biological samples. They are easy-to-use, controlled by friendly software, powered by the PC USB port. The company is looking for agents and distributors in the scientific equipment market or for agreements for manufacturing customised versions

Offer description

A small high-tech company, based in the south of Italy and with over ten years of experience in the field, has developed a set of nanogravimetric measurement solutions (e.g. micro-balances, mass variations, etc.), addressing various application fields and further customisable for specific users' requirements. The products are based on a consolidated background in electronics, mechanics, software and firmware development, biology and genetics and a long commercial experience with important industrial and research partners at European level. The devices are based on highly accurate Quartz Crystal Microbalance (QCM) systems, an ultrasensitive mass sensor, that can be used with one or two input channels, and equipped with static and flow chambers for liquids and gases, In conjunction with a potentionstat / galvanostat, they can also be used as an Electrochemical QCM (EQCM). All devices are interfaced through an USB port to a PC and controlled by Windows applications that are very easy to set-up and use. More in detail, one device is a nanogravimetric scientific instrument (QCM and EQCM) with a very compact, light and reliable design, that is powered only by the PC USB port (no need for additional power sources). It can be used for liquids and gases, working with any input frequency from 1Hz to 50MHz. Other QCM devices are able to perform a real time mass measurementfor (piezoelectric gravimetry for measuring nanograms - picograms) for thin films of very different materials like organic polymers, ceramics, living cells and bacteria, biomaterials and hydrogels, . Another version with two input channels performs a differential measurement that, in case of biological experiments, is able to eliminate all the undesirable variations to the test conditions (eg, temperature variations). These devices can also be used to test films of nanomaterials in a simple way. The devices are able to analyse the mass changes in a large number of phenomena and applications, in the nano and biomaterial and biological fields such as: - Polymer films formation on electrodes; - Corrosion and adsorption processes; - DNA and RNA hybridization; - Monoclonal antibodies characterisation; protein adsorpion and interactions; - Biomaterials and biomembranes interactions; - Langmuir / Langmuir-Blodgetts films growth; - Affinity reactions; - Biofouling and antifouling; - Self assembled monolyers (SAM); - Surface oxidation; Electrochemical stripping; - Electrochemical deposition; - Electrochemical reaction mechanisms; - Biochemical analyte concentration; - Antigen antibody reactions; - Molecularity imprinted polyemers (MIP); - Contamination processes; - Conductive polymer characterisation; - Hydrogen adsorption on metal films; - Immunosensors and biosensors characterisation. Such nanogravimetric measurement solutions are a valuable research tool for many applications ranging from electrochemistry to pure surface science, measuring very small mass changes in both liquid and gas phase environments. This approach provides an unlimited potential for the development of novel gas and biological sensors. The company has developed such products starting from real use cases, progressively turning them into standard solutions, with a significant reduction of the costs and the confirmation of a very reliable usage by academic and industrial laboratories in Italy and abroad. Currently, the company is interested to increase its market presence in Europe and at international level through agents and distributors of scientific and technical equipments for electrochemistry, bio and nano-materials and related fields. In addition, since the company is able to rapidly design and develop customised versions of the existing products with internal personnel and own equipment, it is clearly interested in manufacturing agreements for standard and/or custom solutions.

Innovations and advantages

The main innovation derives from a careful design and the integration of advanced technologies in different but complementary fields, yielding to compact, and reliable microelecronics devices. In brief, the products offer the following advantages: - Ultra sensitive mass sensors with QCM and EQM capability - Static and flow cells available for liquid and gas measurements - Easy to use, in the stand alone version (only four keys and one display) as well as when connected to a PC - Range of accessories (electrodes holder base and clamp, chamber taps, quartz crystal at various frequency, flow through chambers)

Market application codes

03007002 Other measuring devices
03007003 Other analytical and scientific instrumentation
08002002 Industrial measurement and sensing equipment
08002003 Process control equipment and systems

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Area of partner's activity

The company is looking for agents and distributors of scientific and technical equipments for electrochemistry, bio and nano-materials and related fields. Such intermediaries should have a good knowledge / client base in the field and be able to identify possible customisation needs for the final user. In fact, design, development, production of customised solutions of the existing products is an interesting option for the company that is able to answer rapidly to any request using internal personnel and own equipment. Thus, the company is clearly interested in specific manufacturing agreements for standard and/or customised solutions.


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