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A wide selection of traditionally smoked fish and pickled salmon are offered for distribution.

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A Polish SME operates as a manufacturer of smoked fish and pickled salmon which has a status of traditional product. Among their products there are smoked eel, salmon, whitefish, halibut, crimson, mackerel, tuna etc. For safe transport and extending fish shelf life it can be packed hermetically. The company is looking for business partners like wholesalers, groceries, healthy food shops, hotels and restaurants who are interested in distribution of offered products.

Offer description

A family company from Poland operates on the fish market as a provider and seller of smoked and pickled salmon for over 20 years. As they own a cutter a part of products is caught their own, the rest is supplied by local fishermen. Smoking process has two forms, the most popular is hot smoking. It requires temperature of 50-60 Celsius degrees. Depends on fish species it takes approx. 3-5 hours. The second one – cold smoking is about fogging the fish and it takes even 2 days. For both methods of smoking the company uses two ovens and alder wood. The whole process is fully natural. In the offer there are: • eel - it is the more expensive one because of decreasing population, very popular among fish gourmets • cold smoked salmon – fillets or pieces of salmon smoked at a low temperature for approx. 2 days, its meat is tender - ideal for sandwiches, thinly sliced tastes best. • hot smoked salmon – fish rings with weighing from 0.3 kg - 0.6 kg, its meat is pale pink, great addition to salads. • whitefish - fish from the salmon family, smoked in whole or in rings, of 0.25 to 0.6 kg. • halibut - smoked in a form of rings of approx. 0.3 - 0.5 kg, fatty and delicate meat, rich in omega-3, small amount of fishbones, • crimson - smoked in whole, its weighs is approx. 0.3 to about 4kg, recommended to people who prefer non-oily fish, • seriolella brama - smoked in rings of weighs approx. 0.5 kg, fleshy with a small amount of fishbones easy to select, ideal for fish paste. • mackerel with spices – spicy mackerel fillets, topped with a blend of carefully selected spices, • mackerel - smoked in whole, fresh one also taste great, comparing to other fish it is relatively inexpensive, • tuna - smoked in pieces of 0.3 - 0.7 kg, lean meat, it tastes similar to meat Periodically the company also offers burbot, bream, herrings and flounders. Fish can be packed hermetically so products have longer shelf life. A special distinctive product of the company is pickled salmon. It was inscribed on the list of traditional products. This is the original way of preparing raw salmon, which is flavoured with Polish selected composition of herbs, spices and garlic. Stored under appropriate conditions, at low temperature, the process of pickling, thereby achieving a unique taste and aroma. Pickled salmon is a ready food product. Its expiry date is 4 months. The company is a provider of smoked fish for restaurants, hotels, nursing homes and resorts. As in the near future they are planning to extend the production plant they are looking for partners from food industry such as wholesalers, groceries, healthy food shops, hotels and restaurants who are interested in distribution of offered products.

Innovations and advantages

The company is based on family experience and cooperates with local providers. They offer a wide selection of naturally smoked fish and well as pickled salmon that has a status of traditional product. They don’t use any preservatives and artificial additives. For extending product’s shelf life and safe transport fish is hermetically packed.

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07003002 Health food
07005002 Other restaurants
07005003 Hotels and resorts
09003004 Distributors, imports and wholesalers

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Area of partner's activity

The company is looking for partners active in food industry or wholesale trade. Therefore they seek for business partners especially wholesalers, groceries and shops with healthy food, as well as hotels and restaurants who will distribute smoked fish and traditional pickled salmon among their clients. The provider guarantees high quality fresh products and on-time deliveries.


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