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A UK technological SME accredited to EN ISO 13485 offers contract manufacturing and subcontracting, and servicing of medical and diagnostic products

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A UK medical equipment company manufactures and services electro mechanical products. For 28 years they have been taking medical products to market as a contract manufacturer, using well established systems such as Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), stock control, inspection and traceability. They now offer manufacturing, subcontracting and servicing to large and small companies and design houses.

Offer description

Before becoming independent in 1988, the East of England company was part of a multinational, making medical equipment. The background systems, although updated, are the same as the original multinational’s i.e. the Enterprise Resource Planning package Infor XA and its modules which are typically, but not limited to, ERP, Inventory Control, Production Control, Master Scheduling, etc. The ISO 13485 Quality System has been re-written in order to keep up to date with the ‘clinical pathway’, a modern technological development. The company offers all disciplines to solve manufacturing issues from the original design to accredited assembly, final inspection, packaging, labelling and distribution. These functions are also performed for servicing. The difference this company brings is experience, modern technology and the knowledge that the next user will be the patient. They use an established network of suppliers; it is the policy of the company to use the specialist moulder, machinist, plater, board manufacturer or wirer etc whenever possible. Sometimes these are specified by the customer. Whoever they use, the critical items are identified and will be received using the specified traceability system and then tracked through assembly and documented through to the customer. The company offers its services and experience through manufacturing, sub-contracting and service agreements to multinationals down to single inventors, to universities and design institutions. They take on legacy work, new products and service. The company has formal engineering change systems monitoring the key performance indicators for on-time delivery to the customers, currently measured at 98%. Each month, the bottom 10% of suppliers are assessed for suitability in terms of delivery on time. To assist with design and engineering change, the SolidWorks package is being used. The UK company offers contract manufacturing and subcontracting and services agreements for medical products, to companies and design houses, down to individuals who require them to be manufactured and accredited to ISO 13485.

Innovations and advantages

•Established medical equipment company offering the full range of supply chain opportunities – which means the customer can concentrate on other things than the supply chain, manufacturing accreditation, packaging and distribution; •Extensive UK and international distribution network; •Trusted supplier to many multinationals and the NHS, bringing an extensive contact network in these; •Tailored approach to suit client needs and requirements – each implementation is different; •Experienced in bringing innovative high quality products offering genuine healthcare benefits and value to market, combining many years of experience in both products and markets; •A formal quality management system to ISO 13485.

Technology keywords

06001005 Diagnostics, Diagnosis
06001011 Heart and blood circulation illnesses
06001013 Medical Technology / Biomedical Engineering
06001017 Surgery

Market application codes

05001001 Diagnostic services
05004001 Electromedical and medical equipment
05004005 Diagnostic equipment

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The UK company offers contract manufacturing and subcontracting and services agreements for medical products, to companies and design houses, down to individuals who require them to be manufactured and accredited to ISO 13485. They make electronic, electrical, temperature, pressure and flow type products and maintain the principle of the next user being ‘the patient’. These products are shipped worldwide, to both distributors and end users.


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