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A UK supplier of geographic information systems (GIS) and web mapping software is seeking distributors

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A UK software development company specialising in spacial information management systems has developed an integrated suite of geospacial products comprising desktop, web and developer applications using open standards, suitable for both public and private sector organisations. The company is offering distribution services agreements.

Offer description

The company helps organisations in the public and private sectors maximise their return on investment in geographic information by making it easier to share and distribute spatial data between people and between systems. They achieve this by developing GIS and web mapping products that incorporate open and standards-based technologies. Key clients include local authorities, government departments and agencies, emergency services, housing associations and organisations in the land, property, finance, insurance, infrastructure, and energy sectors. The company offers an integrated family of geospatial products comprising desktop, web, and developer products. It has been designed to meet the needs of end users and application developers alike, for use in all phases of spatial data management - from creation, through to application development, deployment and data distribution. The company is already working with local authorities in UK, Japan, the Netherlands, Germany Turkey, and Australia deploying spatial information systems and this has proved very popular. They have also integrated their GIS systems with large numbers of emergency services in the UK. The company is looking for additional distributors to sell their standard product range or to use other developer modules to embed GIS-related functionality into their own applications. The applications may entail the display of a map, but this is not a requirement.

Innovations and advantages

The UK company provides solutions for sharing and distributing spatial data which helps both public and private sector organisations to maximise return on investment. By utilising a common source code the company’s geospatial range is very versatile and has been designed to be compatible so that it can be incorporated into any stage of spatial data management. The products have been enabled to read and display over 160 GIS, CAD (Computer Aided Design), raster (a dot matrix data structure) and database formats, without the need for translation, and without the need to purchase add-on software. The ability for rapid application development, testing and deployment is achieved in a high level development environment including a variety of components from standard interface assemblies such as: dialogue boxes, wizards and print templates. As an active promoter of open standards the company has gained recognition in the industry in the UK. Spatial information systems are used by government bodies to facilitate channel shift and improve service delivery this can include use in transport, planning, social housing, social services and refuse collection. GIS is used in the private sector to aid land management and navigation and can also be utilised by emergency services command and control systems allowing them to maximise the information they have with reduced budgets and resources.

Market application codes

02006007 Databases and on-line information services
02006009 Other computer services
02007002 Database and file management
02007003 Operating systems and utilities

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Type of partner sought

Partners sought are companies who have experience in application development or systems integration or database management who have worked in a GIS focussed market or industry and have an existing client base. Companies looking to work under a distribution services agreement should have technical expertise in GIS technology and be able to support commercial and technical support to clients


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