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A UK economic and social research organisation offers its services to international partners

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A UK based economic and social research organisation focusing on poverty alleviation seeks partners for services agreements. The organisation bases its work on the 'Sustainable Development Goals' set by the United Nations which seek to eliminate absolute poverty by 2030. The organisation therefore seeks partners for whom it can conduct poverty alleviation research on Europe and the wider world.

Offer description

The United Nations reworked its 'Millennium Goals' into the new 'Sustainable Development Goals' which now has 17 targets and topics with the ambition of eliminating absolute poverty by 2030. As one of those which will play a part in working towards this ambition, this organisation is a group of highly qualified and seasoned professional researchers supported by a team of young graduates that want to focus on helping potential partners research ways to eradicate extreme poverty in the UK, Europe and globally.The organisation is currently undergoing expansion with its head office based in the UK, and other offices to open in Paris and the Sahel in 2016. The organisation can offer the full range of research services covering qualitative and quantitative methods, research design, report writing, literature review and presentations. If an advocacy or participatory (emancipatory) approach to the research would better suit the partner so that a marginalised or vulnerable group can be given a voice, the team will involve them in all the stages of the research. Or possibly a mixed method to triangulate the research can be applied, giving it a more balanced and deeper understanding of the issue. A brief can be followed or research can be designed to suit various needs. Although the research organisation's focus is on poverty, it encompasses experts that can support work around housing, health and social care, education and economic development, with new specialisms added to the ´research skills bank´ monthly, relishing the opportunity to challenge a new issue focusing on the social or economic disadvantages and assisting in developing a sustainable resolution. The company is looking services agreements with partners working within charities, NGO´s, governments, educational bodies and businesses.

Innovations and advantages

This research organisation is unaligned with any political affiliations or social movements, so using this independent organisation as an external consultant removes any fear of bias in the findings. Although unaligned, humanitarianism is the premise of the organisation and it therefore, does join the efforts of the United Nations' Sustainability Development Goals (SDG). The research institution delivers: - An analytical framework and methodology appropriate to client project's objectives, with a coherent approach. - A strategy for undertaking all elements of the proposed work. - The capacity to deliver large size research projects within the proposed timescale. - Expertise, experience and credentials in relation to the area of work.

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Partners are sought for services agreements. Services agreement will be dependent on what best suits the partner's business model. Partner should operate within specific areas, such as: charities, NGO´s, governments, educational bodies and businesses. Partners must have experience in international collaboration, links to current economic/social research, and must support the UN's Sustainable Development Goals. Partners will have to scope the research topic and help with facilitation of the research where needed. In addition, they will have to review the research data and any other research outcomes on the regular basis. Partners are sought of any size but must be working within the field of economic and social research or poverty alleviation, and be capable of funding small, medium and large size research projects.


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