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A UK consultancy firm offers service agreements for technology scouting and partner evaluation services

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An East of England company works with scientific experts from the world’s top research institutions and universities. By having access to many thousands of top scientific experts, they are able to offer high-quality innovation, strategy and due diligence services in all technology fields for all industries. In particular, they assess the validity of any solutions offered towards specific technology needs. Services agreements are being offered to industrial companies.

Offer description

The company is located in the heart of the highly educated and innovative environment of Britain’s intellectual "golden triangle", comprised of Cambridge, Oxford and London. The company's consultancy and service offer will be of interest to companies who are looking for a partner to develop a new product, to modify an existing product or collaborate on a research project, because they are able to find and assess the partner and carry out due diligence and all other checks required to re-assure the companies that they can work together. The company recruits academic scientists who specialise in the exact field that is required for the project. This is something that can be difficult for companies to identify. This is because they are often hidden within the black box of academia. The UK company's unique offer and proposition if that they offer a platform to access academic resources which companies often discard or overlook as they can be too tricky to research and access. As an illustration: a fuel additive company was in need for new specialised equipment from a supplier. None of the products from the suppliers identified by them fulfilled their strict specifications. By recruiting the academic expert in the field thanks to this UK consultancy, they were able to get a list of many more suppliers and narrow down to a few which fulfilled the specifications. Another example: In a project for a major banknote manufacturer, the recruited experts were able to identify new innovative technologies for manufacturing of new security features by analysing the existing technologies and identifying the way these could be manufactured. The outcome was that unique optical security features were proposed, together with micro-fabrication techniques suitable for high volume production. A final example would be finding a world-leading expert for a high-stake patent litigation case. In addition to technology scouting and evaluation, the UK company assists with introductions and team building with the experts or developers. Here is a summary of other related services: • Connect customers to experts from clean-, bio-, nano-, information technologies and other Hi-Tech fields for a short project or recruitment; • Optimise customer's technology innovation strategy and value chain - from R&D to product development and manufacturing stages; • Advise on new scientific research for product re-design and new applications for market diversification; • Scout for new emerging technologies and facilitate licensing and acquisition; • Provide thorough and up-to-date due diligence of emerging technologies and identify new investment opportunities. Due diligence comprises of a commercialisation roadmap analysis, risk mitigation, and both value and supply chain optimisation from R&D all the way to manufacturing; • Identify competitive long-term technological threats emerging from current commercial and academic R&D, giving the customer a head-start in de-risking their portfolio; • Find experts from world’s top universities who would otherwise be outside the client's search scope for technology dispute resolution; • Headhunting: identify candidates for employment positions ranging from a research scientist to an R&D manager; • Conduct prior art searches for intellectual property drafting and infringement. In conclusion, the company is searching primarily for industrial companies who would benefit from service agreements in technology partner search and evaluation.

Innovations and advantages

• The East of England company recruits experts from the top research institutions on project-by-project basis and therefore is always able to find the right skill set. • The experts are involved in research of a related topic for their university on a daily basis. Therefore, they are familiar with all aspects of that field, and are aware of the most recent advancements. • For large multidisciplinary projects, they recruit a team of experts with matching skill set and manage the project on the customer’s behalf.

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09003005 Consulting services

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Area of partner's activity

The offer is open to companies both large and small in all industries really. Prospective partners are expected to give some non-confidential detail about the domain they have needs in. The UK company can then pull examples of similar past projects, and help formulate what a joint project would entail. The most likely type of agreement is one for services.


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