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A UK-based SME offers its services and expertise in drug discovery

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A UK-based SME with expertise in drug discovery in multiple therapeutic areas is offering its network of experts to companies, universities and research institutions developing new active therapeutic agents. The services offered by the SME will help partners overcome the specific challenges presented by their projects and help them to reach the market in a timely and cost effective way. It is envisaged that these partnerships will take the form of services agreements.

Offer description

Drug discovery and development is a time consuming and often complicated process that requires in-depth and multidisciplinary expertise in order to ensure that the right strategy is adopted to generate the robust data required to reach market while avoiding duplication of effort and unnecessary work. Companies working in the field of drug discovery do not always have this level of expertise in-house, especially in the case of development of active agents for rare and orphan indications. This lack of access to the relevant expertise can slow the development process and may prevent new actives reaching the market. A UK-based SME is offering the services of its network of over 70 consultants, each with an average of 20 years' experience in the drug discovery field. This expertise covers therapeutic areas including cardiovascular and metabolic diseases, respiratory, inflammation, immunology, virology, dermatology, pain, oncology, central nervous system conditions and rare & orphan diseases. This expertise also covers a wide range of molecule classes from small molecules to biologics. These experts can provide tailored support to partners to help them overcome challenges in their drug development projects that are presenting barriers to getting these new agents to market. They offer a flexible approach used to ensure an optimal team is
configured to meet project needs, to define the most cost-effective strategy to progress the project and then rapidly implement this strategy. This can range from technical advice and designing key studies to data processing and logistics. This support can cover the drug development process from discovery, development and preclinical to the initiation of the clinical trial process. The SME is looking to partner with companies, universities and research institutions working in drug discovery and development, to help them overcome the individual challenges of their projects. It is envisaged that these partnerships will take the form of services agreements.

Innovations and advantages

The SME has an experienced team that has in depth expertise in medicinal chemistry, biology, absorption distribution metabolism elimination and pharmacokinetics, drug safety, pharmaceutical science, enabling them to advise and solve problems at all stages of the drug development process. Their expertise also covers many indication areas including rare and orphan diseases enabling them to help partners developing therapeutics in any indication area. The advice and support offered is tailored to individual partners and individual projects allowing specific gaps in partners' knowledge to be filled. The support offered will enable partners to provide the robust data required for market entry in a way that is time and cost-effective. This will reduce time to market for the partner as well as their pipeline development costs.

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05003001 Therapeutic services

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The UK-based SME is looking to partner with companies, universities and research institutions working on drug discovery the pharmaceutical and biotechnology fields. The SME will provide its expertise across the key drug discovery and development disciplines covering actives from small molecules to biotherapeutics to help partners to fill any gaps in their drug discovery project teams and so move their pipeline projects forwards quickly and cost-effectively. It is envisaged that this partnership will take the form of a services agreement.


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