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A UK based company is looking for a service or subcontracting agreement with a travel software partner

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A UK based SME has developed an Application Programming Interface (API) which interfaces to smart locks to enable a full automatic smart phone self check-in with digital keys. Several major hotel brands have already begun installing digital key systems that can be unlocked directly from a guest's mobile phone. The SME is looking for a travel software partner with an API ready for integration to smart locks digital keys. The SME is interested in a service- or subcontracting agreement.

Offer description

The London based SME has developed a digital keys system that combines a One Time Password (OTP) core algorithm with Bluetooth Low Energy and Near Field Communication (NFC), and interfaces to travel software, leveling the digital tourism field so that smaller accommodation facilities can take advantage of digital keys smart-locks systems, and smart phone self check-in. The system uses cloud based algorithms to generate billions of pre-programmed codes for use as time sensitive keys at any future date and time combination. The keys can be downloaded, and sent to and used by guests, providing an ideal flexible solution for hotels, motels, resorts. The product is designed to interface with Channel Managers, Hotel Property Management Systems (PMS) and all data is managed, monitored and controlled by this System. The systems can be set up for complete or partial automation, so that guests can self check-in on their smartphone without the need for any staff interaction - great for after hours check-ins. The SME is looking for a service or subcontracting agreement with company delivering a Channel Manager, or a Property Management System, or Bedbank software, or hotel wholesaler or Travel agent software, or Online Travel Agency, to start getting ready for the digital key revolution. With the Application Programming Interface's (API’s), the partner can interface to the company's smart locks already available on the market place, and take advantage of new customers and offer a complete automated smart phone self check-in package to its customers. The company is looking to integrate its API to a travel software partners API, to offer a partial and completely automated smartphone self check-in package to hotels. The travel software partner will need to provide access to their API, or alternatively have an IT team able to work with the companies API to build the integration's.

Innovations and advantages

Many smaller accommodation facilities are looking for an affordable digital key smart lock solution like that offered by major multinational hotels, but which also offers integration's to Online Travel Agencies. This solution is the only one that exists in the marketplace and it has been tested with 2 different channel managers, 3 property management systems, and 3 different smart lock providers. The SME's technology utilises One Time Password (OTP) (date stamped) technology, Bluetooth Low Energy and Near Field Communications so is more secure and cheaper to deliver than Wi-Fi solutions, z-wave, and zigbee smart-lock solutions. So no maintenance required. It is the only smart lock on the market that does not rely on a Wi-Fi connection significantly lowering the ongoing maintenance cost.

Current stage of development

The London based company is currently a beneficiary of the European grant SME Instrument - phase 1. The current product aligns with a Technology Readiness Level 7 since the online check-in application and smart-locks have been tested in a short- term rental property. The Software Development Kit (SDK) and Application Programming Interface (API) are currently in the final stages of development. The compilation of the complete smartphone check-in with the coding and algorithms of the locks is being undertaken to provide a complete package for the lock manufacturer. The app is currently available in the play store for Android and will be developed for IOS. The application now has to be improved to support greater performance and capabilities, tested, and used by a larger user base. The company is currently implementing the feasibility assessment for the SME Instrument phase 1 project.

Technology keywords

01004002 Applications for Tourism
01004009 CRM - Customer relationship Management
01006003 Mobile Communications

Market application codes

01002004 Other telephone related
01004008 Other data communications
07005003 Hotels and resorts

Intellectual property rights

Patent(s) applied for but not yet granted

Comments, number and date of patent

The company currently has published patent applications in USA, Europe, China and Australia and has two additional patents pending covering the use of smartphone apps to download time-sensitive PINs; the use of API’s/interfaces to Property Management Software systems to enable a complete smartphone self check-in; and complete (semi-complete) automations for hotel staff. The latest International Search Report outlines all claims assessed as ‘novel’, ‘inventive’ and ‘industrially applicable’.

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Area of partner's activity

Travel software company must have its own an Application Programming Interface (API) for integration to the company smart locks digital keys, or they must have their own IT department who are capable of integrating the digital keys API. The SME is seeking a company delivering a Channel Manager, or a Property Management System, or Bedbank software, or hotel wholesaler or Travel agent software, or Online Travel Agency, to start getting ready for the digital key revolution. Travel software companies with an Application Programming Interface (API) ready for integration to smart locks digital keys. How it works: 1. The SME provides the partner with log-in details to its API. 2. The partner's IT team integrate its products to the SME's digital key smart locks with the API. 3. The partners can sell digital keys smart lock systems with the partner's products, and make property management a breeze for the partner's clients. 4. The SME can also support sales of the partners products which form part of the digital keys smartlock system.


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