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A UK based company has developed an educational learning aid tool for children with learning difficulties and is now looking for distributors in Europe and South America.

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A London based company has developed a tool to aid the learning and cognitive processes of children with autism, dyslexia, Down's syndrome, mutism, and other learning difficulties including illiteracy and learning delay. Widening access to education for all children irrespective of their geographical location or circumstances, this learning aid can be fitted into both formal and informal environments and can be accessed immediately. The company is now looking for a distribution service agreement

Offer description

This UK company, operating in the field of education since 2006 is an accredited organisation that offers bespoke training to people seeking to develop their skills and secure sustainable employment. Trademark registered and having already been tested by a variety of potential end users, in addition to helping children and adults with learning difficulties it can also help and educate those most vulnerable in society, such as who have not been fortunate enough to access formal education. The company's director has an extensive knowledge of the language learning process and language pedagogy due to her background as a linguist and interpreter. During her career, the company owner developed an effective lesson plan for children and adults to learn languages in an efficient way. Having developed a multi award-winning educational system, this learning aid effectively fits into nursery and primary school settings and enables adults to use pictures, words and rewards to encourage and foster learning in children. It does so through a system of words, images, and transparent pockets and consists of the following: - Wordbook - Card games - Activity and sequencing cards - Nursery and Primary Resources - Computer application (under development). This workbook's main aim is to teach disadvantaged children to read and to build their vocabulary. Cards and words are manipulated by an adult or support figure to develop knowledge and build confidence in the child. Of universal application, this learning aid is able to accommodate all languages and is particularly beneficial for most second and third world countries which may not be economically positioned to finance supportive aids for these groups of children. The workbook, a book with no words, is equipped with some transparent pockets and encourages participation that can be extended to a range of uses including the promotion of early numerical skills as well as foreign language development. It is initially tutor-led (by parents, carers or teachers) and then self-directed by the child. Children can associate cards that contain written words with the correspondent image. In terms of development, this product has the potential of entering a variety of different markets and can be altered to suit a variety of different cultures. This company is now looking for distributors across Europe and America who will be able to understand, promote, market and demonstrate these products effectively. There is also the opportunity to get involved in the products development.

Innovations and advantages

The system is particularly simple and flexible to use and offers an easy way to study for subjects ranging from foreign languages to mathematics. Enabling children labelled as ‘slow learners' to advance their vocabulary and language skills not only helps to enhance their self-esteem and confidence, but also helps to reduce the negative social stigma attached to these learning difficulties. Having been tested by a variety of parents with special educational needs and assessed by professionals, this learning aid has proven to be a great success. Given its user friendly concept, this learning platform has been endorsed by a number of practitioners and carers, demonstrating its highly beneficial value for those living with cognitive disabilities and disadvantages worldwide. To date, the special learning aid has already won three international awards which include: - The Special recognition Award for Ingenious & Innovative Achievements (International European Woman Inventors & innovators Network Awards, - British Invention Society Silver Medal (World Invention Awards), - Special recognition award (British Female Inventors and Innovators Network International Award). The company is specifically looking for distributors who have access to the educational sector in various markets ranging from special school to non-governmental organizations. This is an exciting opportunity to become in a life-impacting activity working with a product range that can never be exhausted.

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07005004 Education and educational products and materials

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Area of partner's activity

Organisation with experience in cross border distribution, particularly in the Education sector. Partner would be expected to identify appropriate outlets for the products, make contacts and act as an intermediary between our company and the identified end users.


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