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A Turkish research company works in the field of molecular biology and genetics offers its services under services agreement.

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A Turkish research company that is located in Izmir provides wide laboratories services with their about molecular biology and genetics area to the customers. The company is seeking partners willing to benefit from the services under services agreement.

Offer description

A Turkish company that is active in molecular biology and genetics sector services to the costumer under their own wide laboratories opportunities. The company is dealing with the following services; 1- DNA/RNA isolation and quality control; *DNA/RNA isolation service with optimal DNA/RNA quality *DNA/RNA isolation from different starting materials (tissues, cells, blood, plant seeds). *Characterization of DNA/RNA quality using the agilent's bioanalyzer and the bioptic's Qsep100 DNA fragment analyzer reliable DNA/RNA integrity assessment. *Spectrophotometric quantitation of DNA/RNA with NanoDrop 2000, precise results with minimal sample turnover. *Recommendations on right sample collection and storage conditions for high-quality DNA /RNA yield. 2-Real time PCR analysis; The company's Real Time-PCR services include: *Genetic variation analysis. *Melt-curve genotyping. *Endpoint genotyping. *High-Resolution Melting (HRM). *Multiple plate analysis. *Gene quantification (absolute and relative). *Gene expression. *miRNA profiling. 3-Microarray analysis: The company is utilizing the Agilent Microarray system in their laboratories. Using the Agilent System they can perform the analysis below: *CNV/CGH analysis with agilent ready and custom arrays. *DNA methylation analysis with agilent array. *ChIP-Chip analysis with agilent array. *miRNA expression profiling services. *Whole genome gene expression profiling. *Sanger sequencing. 4-Fragment Analysis Automated fragment analysis is possible using BiOptic's Qsep100 Analyzer in their laboratories. This gel capillary gel electrophoresis (CGE) technology offers detection and analysis of DNA, RNA and protein samples. 5-Next Generation Sequencing Their laboratory performs Next Generation Sequemcing tasks using The GS Junior system, which brings the power of 454 Sequencing Systems directly to the laboratory benchtop. Get comprehensive genome coverage with long 400 bp sequencing reads and quickly proceed from DNA to discovery with fast sequencing runs and straightforward data analysis on the attendant computer. 6-Oligo Design and Synthesis The company offers custom oligo design and synthesis. Depending on the costumers' need, different level of purification and modification are also available. 7-Project Consulting The company's laboratory is certified according to the international norm ISO 9001:2008. The laboratory is located seperately on a 350m2 floor, fully equipped with P1 and P2 safety level sections and provided by HEPA filtered air. The company is collaborating with universities, private and university hospitals, related institutions in molecular biology. In addition to the company is working with the following organization or companies; Roche Applied Science, Agilent Technologies, Rarecells Inc, Bioptic Inc, Biovision, Biosampling, US Biological, Genetex, Bioscientific. The company is looking for partners under services agreement.

Innovations and advantages

The company has deep experince related subjects of molecular biology and genetics. The company has 6 biologist specialist,1 sales manager,1 marketing manager,3 application specialist, 1 project and business development specialist. Being more involved in many projects in molecular biology as they are project partners with universities. The company's laboratory is certified according to the international norm ISO 9001:2008. The laboratory is located seperately on a 350m2 floor, fully equipped with P1 and P2 safety level sections and provided by HEPA filtered air.

Market application codes

04006 Cellular and Molecular Biology
04010 Microbiology
04011 Molecular design
04015 Gene Expression, Proteome Research
04016 Population genetics

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Area of partner's activity

The Turkish company is looking for partner who is willing to benefit from the services offered. Potential partner is expected to be a research insititution or an academic entity performing research acitivities in genetics and microbiology. Also, SMEs in related fileds are welcome.


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