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A Turkish company is looking for a joint venture partner for manufacturing a smart watch

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The company, which provides services in the field of software development, electronic and software design in Turkey, has designed an intelligent watch, harbouring innovative features to meet the needs of different users. The company has developed its software and electronic card. The company wants to produce this intelligent watch in Turkey with partner(s) who have experience about manufacturing watches. The company is mainly looking for companies interested in joint venture agreements.

Offer description

A Turkish company has operated in the field of software development, mechanical engineering, electronic and software design with their expert staff in Bursa since 2008. The company particularly provides software development services, mechanical design and analysis services for SMEs. In the smart watch project scope, the company has made design, developed electronic card and software for the first local watch that hosts innovative features and meeting the needs of different users. The smart watch which has been designed and developed provides many technological features. Using this watch, media connections can be performed, messages can be read or notes are received easily. The data in the phone can be transferred using the Bluetooth features. The watch can be personalized thanks to its special structure and the software system. Screen image and audio features are presented to the user's preferences. The company will use ARM (Acorn Risk Machine) Cortex-M3 processor. The watch works with 120mah li-ion battery and can be charged with micro USB easily. The company is willing to produce the intelligent watch in Turkey under a joint venture agreement. For this purpose, the company is looking investors who have experience about production of watch and want to invest in Turkey.

Innovations and advantages

According to market requirements, the company continuously improves its professional equipment and the knowledge of its experienced colleagues. The company provides high flexibility considering any specific needs of the users. The watch has been developed by the company offers the following advantages: • Bluetooth connection can transfer data with (>1Mbps) speed • Communicating with mifare classic and mifare ultralight of NFC( Near Field Comminucation) module cards • Touch graphical display • Vibrating alert feature • Working time low power consumption can make operating mode transitions with sleep mode and touch screen input • Connect with IOS, Android and Windows Mobile 8 operating system devices • Displaying incoming calls, SMS and e-mails • In case of an emergency (i.e., for health), the watch can send messages and e-mails to the people who are present in the system

Current stage of development

Product design, software and electronic design section is completed, testing and analysis continues for now.

Technology keywords

01001002 Digital Systems, Digital Representation
01002003 Electronic engineering
01002013 Smart cards and access systems

Market application codes

03004003 Other electronics related equipment

Intellectual property rights

Other (registered design, plant variety, etc)

Preferred countries

Brazil, China, France, Germany, Italy, Russian Federation, Spain, United Kingdom

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Area of partner's activity

The company is looking for investment partners for manufacturing this solution in Turkey. Foreign company should be active in the field of manufacturing and/ or engineering services.


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