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A Taiwanese robot designer and manufacturer that provides robots and robotic solutions is looking for sales agents and distributors who can help it expand sales in the European market.

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The Taiwanese company specializes in development and manufacture of high-end robots, parts, and key modules that are exported mainly to Asia, America and Australia. It is currently seeking sales agents and distributors who can help market its comprehensive range of products, including educational robots, security robots, or industrial robots as well as robotic components (controllers, motors, sensors), in the European market.

Offer description

The Taiwanese company was founded in 2005. It specializes in development and manufacture of high-end robots and key modules for use in the fields of education, security, industry, and automation. The company, which has a team of experts with experience in Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology and robotic mechanisms, has dedicated itself to design and creation of a series of robots which includes: 1. Educational robots with programmable software/software development kit (SDK)/applications (APP) Its educational robots can benefit users for: 1) forming the basis of a cross curricular activities to stimulate students’ interests in learning new technology, 2) providing students a highly-interactive hands-on training and engagement, 3) and teaching scientific principles, programming, mechanism, electronics, circuit design, etc. 2. Security robots with SDK: Monitoring home using built-in sensors and cameras 3. Industrial robots with SDK: Used in automated manufacturing assembly lines to achieve cost-savings and efficiency Features of its educational robot: 1. Ease of use: its modular robots ensure easy operation, reconstruction and maintenance. 2. Lightweight: made of aluminum-magnesium alloy, much stronger and lighter than those offered by competitors - considered as the lightest humanoid robot in the world 3. Longer lifecycle, lasting 50% longer than existing products on the market 4. Ergonomically designed and safe to use 5. Reusable and transformable: its robot can be manually transformed into different figures, such as humanoid, dog, dinosaur, scorpion, etc. 6. Configurable using user-friendly GUI (Graphical User Interface) software 7. Programmable with various computer languages: such as Assembly, Basic, C++, C#, Java, Scratch, Python, APP, and so forth 8. Allow sensors plugin: such as touch sensor, distance sensor, optic sensor, sound sensor, vision sensor, G-sensor, Gyro sensor 9. Controllable through various kinds of wireless communication standards: including radio frequency (RF), Infrared Data Association (IrDA), Bluetooth, WiFi, voice commands, video, and mobile phone 10. Advanced circuits protection design: to prevent integrated circuit (IC) from crash 11. Lower power consumption and more eco-friendly: its robot, which can be simply operated by Alkaline, NiMH, as well as Li batteries, saves more than 50% power consumption and battery life than competitors. 12. Scalable and flexible system: its robotic system is designed to be scalable with any open source functions and to be capable of being ported on any platforms. Besides multi-functional robots, the company also supplies a comprehensive range of parts and components, including servo motors, control boards, robotic sensors, wireless modules, etc. Sought after for its expertise and experience, the company has entered into a transnational manufacturing agreement with a well-known Japanese automobile manufacturer as well as with a leading Turkish household appliance maker. Its products are widely disseminated to markets in Taiwan, Australia, the USA, Canada, Malaysia, the Philippines, and China through local distributors. It is currently looking for partners who can help market its products in Europe through a distribution agreement or a commercial agency agreement. The prospective partner will be responsible for after-sales service, including basic troubleshooting of the product.

Innovations and advantages

1. The company has 10 years’ experience in designing and developing robotic products. 2. The company has excellent capability to integrate robotic solutions for customized industrial automation needs. 3. The company has achieved the following:  Guinness World Records  Business Startup Award in Taiwan  Industrial Innovation Achievement Award in Taiwan  Innovation Enterprise Award in Taiwan  Golden Pin Design Product Certificate in Taiwan  Certificate of Technological Service Organization in Taiwan  National Quality Assurance Golden Award  Innovative Elite Top 100 Awards  Certificate from The International Design Alliance (IDA)

Technology keywords

01001001 Automation, Robotics Control Systems

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08002004 Robotics

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Type of partner sought

The company is open to entering into a distribution or a commercial agency agreement with reliable partners who are based in Europe and who are interested in marketing its robots, modules, and motors. -For educational robots: Prospective partners are expected to be familiar with sales network to schools, universities, academies, cram schools, and other educational establishments. -For service robots: Prospective partners are familiar with the sales network of household appliances field. -For industrial robots: Prospective partners are familiar with the sales network of manufacturers who have production automation requirements. Partners will be responsible for after-sales service, including basic troubleshooting of the product. The company provides ODM/OEM (Original Design Manufacturer/Original Equipment Manufacturer) services for clients who have requirements for integrating robotic solution into their products.


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