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A Taiwanese bearing company is looking for distributors who supplies to the vehicle and/or machine tool industry

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A Taiwanese company with 50-year experience is supplying bearings to global OEMs including but not limited to automotive, two wheeler, electric motors and machine tool industries. Both the quality and service levels has been proved by said respectful OEMs. In recent years, the company focuses on developing high speed machine tool bearings to improve resistance and enhance utilization. The company is looking for experienced distributors in European Countries, India, Middle East and Africa.

Offer description

Founded in year 1965, this Taiwanese company has built up three factories in Taipei and Shanghai respectively with total capacity of 25 million pieces bearings per month to serve its customers globally. This company owns a large majority of market share in Taiwan and over 50% of the products were sold to Asia, Europe, America, up to 35 countries through the world. Thanks to the use of high-grade and clean bearing steels through special heat-treatment process, its bearing service life, load carry capacity and heat stability are all greatly improved. The product ranges of Deep Grove Ball Bearing (DGBB), and Angular Contact Ball Bearing (ACBB) and certifications passed are listed below : 1. DGBB -> Bore : 6 to 100 mm; OD : 19 to 150 mm, and Width 5 to 37 mm 2. ACBB -> Bore : 10 to 100 mm; OD : 26 to 180 mm, and Width 8 to 34 mm All production processes and activities of the company are performed in accordance with ISO 9000 quality standards to improve customer satisfaction and to expand the range of goods. It has also won Outstanding Innovation Award and Standardization Award issued by Taiwan Ministry of Economic Affairs. With the ambition to expand its products and service globally, it is now seeking experienced distributors, importers, or trading companies in European Countries, India, Middle East and Africa to promote the products and brand.

Innovations and advantages

To be able to satisfied with continuously increasing requirements from different industries, variety of raw materials of steel balls, inner rings, outer rings and cages have been developed and used. To achieve extended bearing service life and optimize the application and manufacturing performance, the high grade and clean bearing steel is used and hardened to 58 to 64 Rockwell Hardness C (HRC). Additionally, different types of seals and lubricants are developed according to customer's requirements. Evidences shows that around 50% of the failure modes are coming from poor lubrication and contamination. With it's long experience in customer's applications and bearing knowledge, it can provide customers with total solutions and consulting service concerning specific applications.

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The company is looking for distributors, importers, or trading companies that focus on automotive manufacturing, electric motors or unique engines manufacturing. It also looks for suppliers who have sufficient experiences in industries such as bicycle and sports equipment manufacturing.


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