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A Spanish scientific company offers binding kinetic and kinetic selectivity services to the pharmaceutical, biotech, not-for-profit and academic organizations as a successful approach for the discovery of novel drugs

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The Spanish scientific company offers binding kinetic and selectivity analysis for small-molecule drug discovery programs. They provide the data to make smart decisions sooner and help to optimize drugs with novel models of binding. They are looking for partners involved in drug discovery for outsourcing, services agreement, or subcontracting in order to contribute to optimize their drug developments at early stages.

Offer description

The Spanish scientific company accelerates and improves the research productivity and effectiveness of their customer screening, lead optimization and SAR (Structure-Activity Relationship) - SKR(Structure-Kinetic Relationship) campaigns by its expertise, industrialized processes and unique methodology for the discovery and development of new drugs. They offer innovative services such as the characterization of drug-target binding kinetics, the assessment of drug-target kinetic selectivity or the determination of drug-target binding mechanism to encourage the identification of inhibitors with novel modes of binding and enhanced clinical efficiency. They also provide high-quality biochemical assay development at reasonable cost in a timely manner with excellent customer scientific interactions to ensure relevant data delivery and sound scientific interpretation. They apply enzymatic mechanistic principles to assay design in order to increase the pharmacological diversity of selected compounds. The company is looking for pharmaceutical, biotech, not-for-profit and academic organizations related to drug discovery in order to establish cooperation in terms of outsourcing, services agreement, or subcontracting. Through their complete services the Spanish company can help those who are searching for new drug compounds to improve and accelerate their research. Any of the types of cooperation proposed are viable in the drug development cycle of any research organization looking for new drugs.

Innovations and advantages

The company represents scientific excellence in binding kinetics analysis for small molecule drug discovery programmes. They also possess an extensive expertise in providing effective project management and they excels in providing novel solutions to challenges of varied difficulty level. Their products and services can notably improve decision-making, yielding compounds with higher development potential and reduced risk of failure. Compounds with similar affinity for a given target can exhibit different clinical efficiency due to variations in their kinetic profiles. Their proprietary method for evaluating binding kinetics allows the rapid identification of compounds with the desired kinetic parameters as an efficient starting point for lead development and the parallel optimization of binding affinity (SAR) and binding kinetics (SKR). Additionally, they assess the kinetic selectivity profile of their customer compounds to select drugs with the suitable safety profiles. Selectivity is highly dynamic in human body and evolves over the course of treatment as a function of the temporal binding between the drug and the main and secondary targets. For this reason, designing drugs with the desirable selectivity profiles requires not only an appropriate tuning of binding selectivity but also the modulation of kinetic selectivity. Over the course of dosing, a drug showing a prolonged interaction with its main target and shorten interactions with secondary targets exhibits temporal target selectivity. Safety and tolerability will considerably improve if the intrinsic toxicity of the drug is minimal. In contrast, a drug that displays a sustained interaction with a secondary toxicity-mediating target will result in safety issues.

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06001015 Pharmaceutical Products / Drugs
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04005 Biochemistry / Biophysics
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Type of partner sought

The partners sought are mainly pharmaceutical, biotechnological companies, not-for-profit and academic organizations interested on improve their procedures related to drug discovery: selection of the best compounds in their research, enhancing the clinical efficiency of their compounds, driving the chemical diversity of their drugs. They offer acceleration of successful drug discovery through the combination of thermodynamic, kinetic and structural information.


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