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A Spanish manufacturer of baby food and food for special dietary uses for the whole family is looking for distributors.

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Spanish manufacturer of baby food in plastic tubs and pouches, and food for special dietary uses for the whole family (e.g. smoothies, yoghurts…), specialized in private labels, is looking for distributors, especially retail chains, and commercial agents worldwide.

Offer description

The Spanish company is dedicated to produce baby food and special dietary products for the whole family respecting the highest quality standards. It operates with the aim to satisfy the needs of consumers in the most efficient way; its R&D department works directly with the clients to develop the optimal solution suiting the market and cultural preferences. Its product range can be divided into two categories according to the format: baby tubs that contain fruit, fruit and cereals, vegetables, etc. and plastic pouches of fruit, fruit and cereals, savory, vegetables, dairy desserts and more. The basis for the tubs and pouches is a puree made of fresh fruits/ vegetables, 100% natural and elaborated without added sugars, preservatives o artificial dyes. All products are stored at room temperature and are ideal for being consumed on the go. They, moreover, have a shelf life of up to 12 months. The product packaging is especially tailored to being used by children. The pouches, for example, have a special designed baby cap. In addition, the company has just launched a new line of Mediterranean Smoothies, aimed at the adult target group. These smoothies are made of 100% natural fresh fruit and vegetables and are developed for the chilled area. They have a shelf life of 4 months and do not contain any preservatives. Quality and product safety are of central importance to the company, it implemented the following quality standards: - BRC - FDA - ISO - IFS - European organic certificate - GFSI In order to distribute its products in the worldwide market and further establish its international presence, the Spanish company looks for distributors and commercial agents in the food sector. It already is present in various retail chains and would like to extend this network.

Innovations and advantages

All the products of the Spanish Company comply with the highest quality standards as certified by various institutions.(BRC, FDA, IFS, etc.) They are ideal for being consumed by children thanks to their elaboration and smart packaging. The tubs and pouches are made of 100% natural ingredients without added sugars, preservatives and artificial dyes. Moreover, the dairy desserts contain about 20% less sugar than other similar products in the market. The products do not need to be cooled or refrigerated and can be consumed directly on the go. They have a shelf life of up to 12 months.

Market application codes

07003002 Health food
07003003 Soft drinks and bottling plants

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Area of partner's activity

The company wants to introduce its product in the worldwide market. Therefore it looks for distributors, especially retail chains, working in the food sector. It is also interested in collaborating with commercial agents, who trade with these kinds of products. It expects from the possible partner to establish a long lasting partnership. The partner is also required to be customer oriented and have a high-quality standard.


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