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A Spanish leading cured ham producer seeks agents and distributors across Europe.

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A Spanish company which produces dry-cured ham is looking for agents and distributors to promote its products in European countries and third countries.

Offer description

Continuing with an old family tradition dating back to 1947, this Spanish company specialising in the production of ‘Serrano’ and ‘Ibérico’ hams (Spanish, dry-cured hams) was established in 1986. It has positioned itself well on the national market and benefits from widely recognised quality and prestige. The company currently has approximately 10,000m2 of dryers and has export approval certification for important destinations including Japan, Russia, Brazil and Mexico, amongst others. It is an expert producer of hams of the very best quality, as recognised by clients worldwide. The key to the company’s success has been the association between tradition and innovation. Products have been adapted to consumers’ demands and, in addition to its more traditional products (‘Serrano’, ‘Duroc’ and ‘Ibérico’ hams, amongst others), it is worth highlighting one particular ham which has been created and developed by the company. It is the so-called ‘Super Ham’ which, as well as having a reduced salt content and being characterised by its uniform slices, is especially efficient in terms of production. The company has managed to create a unique product using in-house technology, or what they prefer to call ‘innovation based on tradition’. Super Ham is a natural product and is amongst the healthiest in its category. It is characterized by having 25% less content in salt than other products in the same category. This has led to is being awarded Spanish Heart Foundation healthy heart seal. The company is looking for an importer or distributor who values, understands and appreciates the entire product range. In exchange, the distributor will have the opportunity of working with an entirely new and innovative product.

Innovations and advantages

‘Super Ham’ is a highly efficient ham developed through the application of exclusive, in-house technology. It is a boneless, clean ham with reduced salt levels. It has no tough, knotty areas and, since it generates no waste whatsoever, it can be enjoyed to the full. This ham is suitable for sufferers of celiac disease and for gluten-free diets. ‘Super Ham’ makes the very most of the cut and is presented to the consumer in a wide range of formats which adapt to all consumer needs.

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07003002 Health food

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Area of partner's activity

The company focusses commercially on the retail channel and is searching for a partner to sell products to high-class caterers and/or delicatessen shops. The ideal associate will be a company that imports gourmet products for which it has exclusive distribution rights. It should be sustainable, have added value and be able to respond to the increasing demand for attractive, honest and tasty products. Exclusive distribution rights will be given to the candidate who most clearly values the company’s products and agrees to include the range on its catalogue.


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