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A Spanish fresh and processed meat company looks for distributors.

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This Spanish fresh meat Company based in Catalonia and Extremadura, with high experience in high quality products and with more than 50 years of butchery and retail experience is looking for distributors in EU markets. They produce a wide range of Spanish fresh meat products such as Iberian Ham, “tapas and pinchos”, beef carpaccio, stuffed meat, burgers, etc. Their current market in mainly Spain, Germany and Austria but they would like to expand to other EU markets by means of distributors.

Offer description

The company’s origins date back to the 70's when the traditional butchery laid the foundations for the company's unique expertise in handling meat. The company became the first company to offer packaged minced meat all over Spain from its plant in Terrassa, Barcelona. This was followed by a new factory in Extremadura to meet the distribution requirements of Spain and Portugal. The main product list of the company is: - Iberian Pork (loin, “presa” (Iberian prey), “secreto” (Iberian “secreto”), brochette, hamburger) - Beef (roast beef and carpaccio) Special mention its carpaccio which has received the Superior Taste Award. This award is evaluated by 120 chefs and sommeliers from 15 european associations and recognized in more than 130 countries. An opportunity to develop new market sectors was provided by the alliance with Disney (since 2006), with a range aimed specifically at children. The company also offers extensive experience in process management and an advanced logistics capacity with extremely rapid delivery times throughout Europe. On top of all this, there is also the option of personalizing both the label and the product itself. With a Turnover of more than 35M € with an annual growth of 10% in the last 5 years it has more than 200 employees and an annual production of more than 17,000 T. As part of its continued drive for growth, the company has embarked on its most ambitious project yet: an international trade mark creation, aiming to offer high quality fresh produce throughout the whole of Europe. This is the reason for which the company is looking for distributors in EU markets.

Innovations and advantages

More than 50 years of butchery and retail experience • The company became the first company to produce and sell packaged minced meat all over Spain • Leading supplier of fresh meat products in Spanish distribution • Wide range of Spanish and high quality products • Production facility in Extremadura (Spain) “ibérico” pig cradle • Ability to customize products according specific need of each country and customer. • High production capacity. • Advanced logistics with a → b deliveries throughout the country • Quality and Environment certifications IFS and ISO 14001 • Co-operation with DISNEY company since 2006. • International experience (Germany and Austria) • International awarded products (Superior Taste Award 2015 (http://www.itqi.com/en) with its “Carpaccio”) • Working and developing products with one of the most famous Spanish Chefs (Karlos Arguiñano) • Food Fair and Exhibitions attendance: ANUGA, SIAL, ALIMENTARIA, PLMA (...)

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Type of partner sought

This Company is looking for distribution agreements as it wants to expand its business throughout EU countries. The type of partner sought would be importers/wholesalers or distributors to reach their target customer. Those distributors would on sale to the major supermarket chain, supermarkets and retail (butchers, specialty shops, delicatessen/fine food shops, etc). Preference if they use to work with perishable products and with long experience in retail.


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