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A Spanish company that provides strategic business consulting services for SMEs offers master franchise, joint venture and/or acquisition agreements

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A company from Spain that provides strategic business consulting services for SMEs is looking for partners for its international expansion. Within the wide range of areas, in which the firm specialises, the most noteworthy and the one which most sets it apart is the Corporate Development area, and within this, the Private Equity service. The firm offers master franchise agreements, joint venture agreements and/or acquisition agreements to professionals, consulting firms or advisory firms.

Offer description

The Spanish company was created in 1984 and is specialised in providing highly specialised strategic business consulting services to small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). Since its founding the company has grown gradually in the Spanish market where it has several offices. Its portfolio of advisory and consulting services covers the following areas: - Corporate Development; - Legal, tax and accounting; - Audit; - Internationalisation; - Productive investments (R&D&I) and grants - Human resources; - Valuations; - Insurance; - Communication and marketing; - New technologies. The company is currently in the process of international expansion. It is therefore looking for professionally and financially solvent partners in the EU and in other countries with which to reach: - master franchise agreements (with individual local partners) - joint venture and/or acquisition agreements (with consulting firms or advisory firms). In the first case (master franchise agreements), the company will continuously train its franchisees. The company believes that these types of partnership agreements are the most appropriate for successfully undertaking its international expansion given its business model and given the particular features in legal, tax, company, language cultural and other matters of the different markets where it wishes to set up.

Innovations and advantages

Bringing strategic business consulting services to SMEs stands at the core of the company's mission and philosophy. The company has therefore designed the provision of its services based on the particular features of SMEs, which includes the lesser availability of resources compared with large companies. The company thus provides SMEs with access to professional specialised services which are essential for their successful business development, with very competitive costs which match their circumstances. Particularly noteworthy among the wide range of areas in which the firm specialises is the Corporate Development area, and within this, the Private Equity service. In order to provide this service, the company offers its clients all the experience of its professionals together with an extensive network of private contacts (both institutional and personal) that have the capacity to invest in business projects of various types and sizes. This network of investors is made up of business groups from different European countries, corporate funds and ultra high net worth individuals. The relationship with these investors is conducted through Family Offices and Private Banking services specialised in wealth management and global advisory services to international companies and investors who conduct their activity in the leading European financial centres.

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09003005 Consulting services

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Area of partner's activity

The desired partner profile is that of local professionals, consulting firms or advisory firms that can demonstrate professional solvency and experience in providing these services, as well as thorough knowledge of their respective markets.The partners would be responsible for developing the company´s business in their local markets with the support of the parent company in Spain.


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