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A Spanish company manufacturer of household products (moisture absorbers, odor absorbers, air fresheners) is looking for distributors and agents abroad.

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The company, located in the South of Spain, is the leading manufacturer in its sector (absorbers, odor absorbers and air fresheners) marketing its products in over 15 countries worldwide. Currently the firm is looking for distributors or agents to expand its commercial network.

Offer description

A Spanish leading company that manufactures a wide variety of moisture absorbers, odor absorbers and air fresheners is looking for distributors or agents to expand its commercial network. The company has been manufacturing and selling anti-humidity products since 1980. Its wide range of products includes non-electrical dehumidifiers, odour absorbers and air fresheners. Its products can be divided in three main categories: 1)Humidity Absorbers: a wide variety Humidity Absorbers to protect homes from humidity, moisture and bad odours. A Humidity Absorber is a device which is placed in a room (on the floor, shelf or in a small space) or even boats which collects the moisture from the air and converts it to liquid that falls in a tank or container. This device usually requires refilling with bags, tabs or granules. 2)Odor Absorber: innovative odor absorbers for shoe odors, trash can odors, odors in the fridge. 3)Air Fresheners: a wide variety of scents to leave wardrobes, drawers and small spaces smelling clean and fresh. Company’s aim is to create innovative products that solve moisture and odour problems with the smallest impact on the environment. Company’s products can be used all year round and in all climates since it is a product which does not completely dry out the atmosphere. It controls the humidity level by absorbing excess only when necessary. Thanks to its regulating system, when the humidity is low, it remains inactive making it effective by preserving objects from deterioration due to corrosion, mould and bad smells. The technical department makes sure that the products comply with all regulations regarding chemical products such as REACH and CLP regulations. Material safety data sheet(MSDS) are available for all the products. The firm has long experience meeting very strict quality requirements due to long time working with some of the most important companies in Spain and in Europe.

Innovations and advantages

MOISTURE ABSORBERS: Since 1990 the firm has been including a protective pouch made of a white fabric know as non-woven (NW) on all the refills (loose salts and tablet refills). This allows a much safer use of the refill since you never come into direct contact with the product itself. In addition to that, all the residues resulting from the process get trapped inside the protective fabric, leaving the moisture absorber clean at all times. There is no need to wash the device, just empty it, place a new refill and it will start working immediately. ODOR ABSORBER: The firm has patented a innovative product of its kind, a fridge odor absorber, aimet at not only absorbing bad odors from the fridge but also helping fruits and veggies last longer( up to a 50%). Not only includes activated carbon but other components that are able to absorb smaller molecules that cause bad odors and that activated carbon itself cannot absorb.

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Area of partner's activity

The firm is looking for an experienced distributor in order to establish a long term relationship who might be interested in introducing any of the company’s products to their offer. The products can fit in different sectors: supermarkets, DIY stores, maritime stores, camping and caravanning, etc. The partner sought should have a strong commercial presence.


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