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A South-Italy based wine producers seeks international partners to reach distribution and commercial agency agreements

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A company located in the South of Italy produces Typical Geographical Indication (IGT) red and white wines, using exclusively its own grapes and following the entire process from the cultivation of grapes to the packaging. The company is looking for partners to establish commercial agency or distribution services agreements.

Offer description

This South Italy based company produces Typical Geographical Indication (IGT) wines from the grapes of its own production. The Vineyard is located at 200 metres above the Ionian sea level to the west of Capo Spartivento in the Grecanic Area of Calabria region. The company has 5,000 plants per hectare which is cultivated in a sandy, clayey soil and which is influenced by the mild climate. The company follows the entire process from the harvesting of grapes to the packaging in standard bottles of 0.75 litres. The company produces both red and white wines: the red one has a deep red colour, elegant aroma with clear nuances of vanilla, ripe fruit and spices; the white wine is delicately straw-coloured, has an intense aroma, with hints of floral broom and nuances of bergamot. The production processes are different for red and white wine: the grapes used for the red wine are destemmed and pressed, then are placed and left in stainless steel tanks for seven days to macerate at a controlled temperature. This method allows to extract the flavouring and colouring agents, in particular phenols and polyphenols. Afterwards, another soft pressing of the grapes is necessary before starting the alcoholic fermentation phase in stainless steel tanks and barriques. The grapes for the production of the white wine, including steams, are firstly gently pressed. Following, the purified must is extracted and stored to start the alcoholic fermentation at a controlled temperature. The company has a well-developed network of clients both in Italy and abroad. The foreign customer are achieved by using a web platform developed by the company. This tool allows clients to browse an line catalog and buy the different varieties of wine. Now, the company is looking to increase its market share in several countries and has the goal of identifying a specific target customer. In order to achieve this goal, the company is looking for distributors and sales agents well established in the restaurants and gourmet network. The company seeks international partner in the following country: Portugal, United Kingdom, Germany, Canada, China, Japan, Switzerland, Belgium, Russia, Brasil Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Norway and Czech Republic.

Innovations and advantages

- The wine is produced exclusively from typical grapes grown in an uncontaminated area of the Calabria region (the Grecanic Area). - The product is different from other wines due the specific and organoleptic characteristics of the original cultivation and due the controlled and certified production process of wines. - The company has started the process for the ICEA certification. This certificate will attest that the products are organic in accordance with EU regulatory requirements.

Market application codes

07003001 Wine and liquors

Preferred countries

Belgium, Brazil, Canada, China, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Japan, Norway, Portugal, Russian Federation, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom

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Area of partner's activity

TYPE OF PARTNER SOUGHT The company is looking for distributors operating in the agro food sector. The partner sought must be well established in the restaurants and gourmet network. ROLE OF PARTNER SOUGHT In order to build up new sales channels in several countries the partner sought should act as a distributors or agents to the restaurants and gourmet network. The Italian company would distribute its product using its brand


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