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A Russian SME a producer of light overhead monorail transportation system is looking for the partners under the distribution services agreement, manufacturing agreement or joint venture agreement.

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The Russian company in partnership with one of the most famous building company in Russia, engaged in research in the field of light transport systems, manufactures light overhead monorail road and cars with "smart" design. The company is looking for European partners for distribution services agreement, manufacturing agreement or joint venture agreement.

Offer description

Russian company is engaged in research in the field of transport systems for over 10 years. The company as a member of the Skolkovo innovation center has participated in many exhibitions. The company employs PhD scientists in physics and mathematics and collaborates with leading jointly with Russian investment and construction organization the light overhead monorail road and cars with "smart" has been designed. The can perform in all climatic zones of Russia and can be used as: - main transport system for towns and cities; - addition to the metro system in big cities; - shuttle service between the airport terminals; - tourism (overhead runway goes to amusement and thematic parks providing connections between them); - creation of a unified transport network to railway stations, bus stations, airports and seaports; - connection the downtown with subway lines, light metro, public transport stations; - creation of transport communications system in major business centers, free economic zones, sports clusters; - the possibility of creating a public transportation system in unusual geological conditions, special environment. Main features of the system: Speed - 50 km per hour. Capacity of cars - 65 pass. (16 seats). Number of cars - 4 . Carrying capacity - 10 000 pass./hour/ destination. Energy consumption - 100 W*hour/t*km. Input voltage - 10 kW, 50 Hz. Voltage on the trolleys - 0,4 kW, 50 Hz. Traction power supply voltage - 750 V. Control system - automated. Operation cycle - non-stop. Terms of use - all-weather. The company is looking for foreign partners for distribution services agreement, manufacturing agreement and joint venture agreement. Within the framework of a distribution services agreement the Russian company will sell to the partners all the necessary equipment for the production and maintenance of cars and partner can produce the ‘smart’ cars and sell it in his region. In addition, the Russian company will make commissioning works, demo and training and provide the technical documentation (can be translated into any language) and further technical assistance. In the frames of the manufacturing agreement the Russian company will manufacture the “smart” cars for the light overhead rail system considering customized versions from partner side. Terms of delivery will be defined by partner side. In the framework of the joint venture agreement can be 2 scenarios: 1. The partner will have to ensure the construction of the depot at its site (the building is intended for the production, installation and repair work, maintenance of the transport system), and produce cars with the technical assistance of the Russian company. The total area of the depot will take 780 m2 and a building area is 480 m2. In addition, the foreign partner must provide the commercialization of the light monorail transport system and promote its progress in Europe and Asia. 2. The Russian company will build a depot at the partner site, will produce turn-on-key “smart" cars and provide their transportation to the partner country. European partner will promote commercialization and ensure a sufficient number of orders to maximize the profitability of the joint venture. Russian company could build communications and travel stations in the partner countries (screenshot_2 - attached to the profile) using the steel structures and road equipment provided by foreign partner.

Innovations and advantages

High quality transportation services: • High speed. • Just-in-time arrival. • Flexible "smart" timetable. • Travel comfort at a reasonable travel cost. The high degree of transport security: • The lack of overlap with ground transport. • Minimal impact weather track structure. • Full automation of traffic control. Low level of environmental impact: • The absence of atmospheric emissions. • Low noise (up to 65 dB at 15 meters). High investment efficiency of the project: • Efficient use of land. • Low costs for communications laying. • High rates of construction. Service life is over 150 years. Fully “smart” car: • Wi-fi internet. • Alarm button. • Bluetooth. • Blocking of the doors and automatic windows squeezing. • Places for disabled persons. • Baby changing station. • Collision avoiding system. • Video sueveillance.

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02008004 Railway Transport
02008007 Transhipment Systems

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09001 Transportation
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Type of partner sought

Type: SME, industry, building construction, transportation, Sphere of Activity: commerce, construction of transport roads and communications, traffic departments, management of road transportation. The role of the partner within frames of: 1. Distribution services agreement: partner will buy “smart” cars for light monorail and sell them or use at a domestic market. 2. Manufacturing agreement: partner will find orders and send these orders back to Russian company to manufacture “smart” cars. 3. Joint venture agreement: (a). Construction of the depot, production of the cars, their sales and maintenance. (b). Commercialization of "smart" cars at domestic market of the European partner.



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