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A Russian producer of knitwear for children and infants is looking for partners to conclude distribution services agreement.

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The Russian company from Kursk region is specializing in production of knitwear for babies and children from 2 to 12 years old. The clothes are suited for the following age groups: nursery (up to 92 cm growth), children knitting clothes for school (teenage) group (growth 152-170cm). The company is looking for partners in Europe for conclusion of distribution services agreement.

Offer description

The Russian company, located in Kursk region, was founded in 2012 and specializing in production and realization of kid's wear for the following age groups: 1 . Babies (to 92 growth): jerseys (t-shirt), jumper for girls and boys, trousers, sets, dresses and many other things. 2 . Children's knitted clothes for girls (growth 98 - 152): dresses for girls festive and daily, sundresses, short skirts, trousers, sets, jumpsuits, a jumper, a jersey and many other things. 3 . Children's knitted clothes for boys (growth 98 - 152): shorts, bridges, trousers, jerseys, jumper, sets, jumpsuits and many other things. The company equipped with modern equipment with total cycle. The production capacity of the Russian company is over than 1000 units per day. The company cooperate with more than 100 trading SMEs in Russia. The company is looking for partners to conclude distribution services agreement in European countries. The European partner should to obtain and distribute the product in its Country. As a positive result, the company sees the implementation of output, as well as further cooperation with the client. Terms and method of transportation of goods will be stipulated privately, based on the geography of supplies.

Innovations and advantages

Competitive advantages of the Russian SME: - hight quality of production (quality control is undergone at all stages of production); - continuous updating and expansion of the range; - possibility of registration of the preorder (reservation of production); - expeditious registration of the order through the site of the company; - individual packing and hinged firm label; - own design and marketing departments.

Technology keywords

02007018 Advanced Textile Materials

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07004001 Clothing, shoes and accessories (including jewellery)

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Area of partner's activity

Type of partner: SMEs, retail shops. The area of activity of the partner: shops which sell children's clothing. Partner role: acquisition and further distribution of company’s production.


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