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A Russian producer of ductile iron pipes and cast fittings for waterworks is looking for partners within distribution services agreement\joint venture agreement\manufacturing agreement.

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A Russian company from Lipetsk region active in ductile iron pipes (80-1000 mm) production looks for partners to conclude distribution services agreement. The company is also interested in conclusion of joint venture agreement and manufacturing agreement.

Offer description

Russian company from Lipetsk region produces ductile iron pipes DN 80-1000 mm with a wide range of joints, including locking. The company is the only manufacturer of ductile iron products in Russia and Post-Soviet space. The company has an extensive dealer network in almost all regions of Russia and CIS countries. The enterprise's laboratory has been accredited by the Federal Agency on Technical Regulation and Metrology. It enables to conduct chemical analyses of raw materials and products, mechanical testing using physical method of control, non-destructive diagnostic of equipment and materials. The external material of a pipe is covered with protective zinc metal and final protection coating according to ISO 8179. The inner surface of the pipe may have cement mortar lining (CML). Thickness and properties are according to ISO 4179. Range of joints: 1. A joint, with rubber gasket for use with the operating pressure from 3.0 to 6.4 MPa (depends on diameter) for pipelines DN 80-1000 mm 2. Restrained socket joint with rubber gasket for use with the operating pressure from 2.5 to 8.8 MPa (depends on diameter) for pipelines DN 80-500 mm 3. Restrained socket joint with rubber gasket for use with the operating pressure from 1.6 to 3.2 MPa (depends on diameter) for pipelines DN 600-1000 mm. Spheres of application: 1. Water supply system. External supply lines and facilities. Industrial water desalination plants and units. 2. Sewerage system. External supply lines and facilities. 3. Heat supply system. External heat supply systems with water temperature up to 120°С. 4.Oil and gas extraction. Transportation of oil products from the wellsite to separating facilities. Chemical liquids transportation. 5. High pressure pipelines for artificial snow making devices. 6. Pipelines for drainage and irrigation. 7. Pipelines for fire extinguisher systems. 8. Pipelines for electrochemical protection of the underground metal constructions. Ductile iron pipe usage in other spheres must be discussed with the manufacturer. Pipes are certified according to international standards. The company is ready to conclude the following types of agreement: 1. Joint venture agreement. There is a project to create an industrial park with the aim to produce machine beds for machine-tool industry. The company invites to cooperation and discussion of added-value of each partner. The result will be the industrial park creation. 2. Manufacturing agreement. The company is looking for partners that would be able to produce cast fittings for its pipes. Or the company will produce machine beds for partners’ machine tool. The result will be the expanding the range of products of partner. 3. Distribution services agreement. The company looks for partners that would represent its products abroad as well as in Russian regions. All terms of Incoterms are discussable but the preferably is EXW ("Ex works" means that the seller fulfils his obligation to deliver when he has made the goods available at his premises). The result will be the marketing development.

Innovations and advantages

1. The expected faultless service life of ductile iron pipeline systems: in water supply networks under the condition of soil corrosion, stray current and absence of cathodic protection is 80 to 100 years; in sewage networks with hydrogen sulphure it reaches 50 - 60 years. 2. Corrosion resisting properties of ductile iron pipes are 5-10 times higher than steel pipe. 3. High safety margin compared to other pipeline systems (Сmar <3,0). 4. Cold resistance (impact strength of ductile iron pipes does not change in the range from +20 °С to -60 °С). 5. Assembling simplicity. Power costs, special equipment and highly qualified stuff during the ductile iron pipe installation process are not required. Laying directly in the ground of 8-10 meters deep without bed preparation is possible. 6. Energy efficiency. Inside cement mortar lining of the ductile iron pipes doesn't only ensure observation of the hygienic requirements at potable water transportation, but also improves the hydraulic properties of the ductile iron pipelines. Besides, big flow section of ductile iron pipes compared to polyethylene pipes (with the equal value of nominal bore DN), makes possible a considerable pumping cost reduction of the transported liquid. 7. Environmental friendly. Ductile iron pipelines with inside cement-mortar lining guarantee high quality of transported water that meet all the requirements of hygienic safety (water PH up to 12,0). Ductile iron pipeline systems are impermeable for hydrocarbons and chemical substances that can be found in environing soils. Complete recycling of the pipes after the service. A wide range of joints allows using ductile iron pipes in trenchless pipe laying technologies. The following methods of pipe laying are possible: “pipe in pipe” laying, underground laying with destruction of the old pipeline, puncturing method, horizontal directional drilling under water barrier, underwater pipe laying.

Technology keywords

02006005 Construction maintenance and monitoring methods & equipment

Market application codes

08005 Other Industrial Products (not elsewhere classified)

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Type of partner sought

Type: Small, medium or large company. Field of activity: construction, trading or machine tool industry Role: a) representation of Russian company at foreign market; b) production of cast fittings for company's pipes; c) joint production of machine beds for machine-tool industry.


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