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A Russian company specializes in cultivation of plants as ingredients for food and pharma industry is looking for partners for joint venture of industrial production of medicinal plants.

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The Russian company from Novosibirsk region has developed an environmentally friendly technology to produce standardized raw materials of medicinal plants and to develop new high-yield varieties of plants, including rare, for the creation of industrial plantations. The company is interested in finding partners for industrial cultivation of medicinal herbs in the framework of joint venture agreement.

Offer description

The Russian company from Novosibirsk specializes in the cultivation and harvesting of medicinal plants and manufacturing of final products (teas, balms, food ingredients). The company uses technology of microcloning of saplings, suitable for obtaining plants in industrial volumes for manufacturing of raw materials, including such rare plants as Rhodiola rosea (golden root). The company conducted 5-years field testing of technology, and now is preparing patent applications for a highly productive plant variety and a method of reproduction. The technology has been tested, the land for plantations is ready (around 1000 ha in Novosibirsk region, additional land can be used in Altai region of Russia). The company was established in 2015 specifically for rhodiola rosea project, it uses plantations in several regions of Russia, tons of products are exported to several countries, including European (France and others) and South-Eastern Asia. The company is interested in finding a partner for joint venture for industrial cultivation (intensive farming) of medicinal herbs. Partner can be from the sphere of pharmaceuticals, food production, cosmetics industry and require medicial plants. Partner should be interested to to create joint venture agreement for industrial manufacture of medicial plants based on the developed technology and for investment in industrial manufacture of medicial plants for their subsequent use in manufacturing process. It should have the experience of production or use of medicinal plants and be interested in purchasing big amount of plants for sale or use in manufacture. The expected result of cooperation will be joint manufacture of medicinal plants that can be later sold and used as a raw material.

Innovations and advantages

The technology is aimed at manufacturing of industrial quantities of medicinal plants. The technology enables cultivation and preserving of species with demand on the pharmaceutical market, such as rhodiola rosea (it is difficult to cultivate due to maturity period of 5 years, but it has a number of useful properties, similar to the properties of ginseng, and is widely used in the manufacture of drugs). The technology can be adapted for other plant species, including rare and sought-after in the pharmaceutical and food market, such as thyme, echinacea, St. John's Wort, ginseng, and others. The proposed biotechnology involves the use of clonal micropropagation in vitro, which is used 1) to obtain the standard saplings in large numbers, 2) to obtain high quality planting material, absolutely identical to the parent plant. Currently on the market plant propagation technology of budding is used. The downside of the traditional technology is labour-intensity (requires up to 20 people and 6 months of work). The proposed technology requires 1 person and 1 month of work to create 40.000 seedlings. Laboratory studies were conducted on clonal micropropagation of Rhodiola rosea. Five-year trials on the organization of experimental plantations of Rhodiola rosea on the area of 1 hectare in the mountain regions have been completed successfully. An application for the patent for a method of reproduction of Rhodiola rosea and a highly productive plant variety were submitted. The company also raised the federal grant funds for R & D. The company has nearly 10 years of experience in the cultivation and harvesting of over 60 types of herbs that are available for the production of pharmaceutical and food products.

Technology keywords

08001005 Food Technology
08003 Micro- and Nanotechnology related to agrofood

Market application codes

05009001 Food & feed ingredients
05009004 Plant health
07003002 Health food
08005 Other Industrial Products (not elsewhere classified)

Intellectual property rights

Patent(s) applied for but not yet granted

Comments, number and date of patent

Preparing an application for a patent for a method of reproduction of Rhodiola rosea in vitro and a highly productive sort of Rhodiola rosea

Preferred countries

Austria, Belgium, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Hungary, Montenegro, Norway, Poland, Slovakia, Slovenia, Sweden, United Kingdom, USA

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Type of partner sought

Type of partner: SMEs. Field of activity: companies which manufacture medical plants, pharmaceutical companies, food industry. Partner's role: industrial manufacture of medicial plants based on the developed technology; investment in industrial manufacture of medicial plants for their subsequent use in manufacturing process.



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