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A Russian company specialises in production of exclusive items from composite materials in imitation of gems is looking for the partners abroad to sell the part of its company or to establish joint venture.

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The Russian company possesing a technology for production tables, portals for fireplaces, tiles for buildings and premises from composite materials in imitation of gems is interested in: a partner who is ready to buy the production line of the company or a part of it by transmission of its rights for ownership through an acquisition agreement; a partner for establishing a joint venture through a joint venture agreement.

Offer description

The Russian company possesing an innovative technology for production of items from the composite materials, engaged in production of dinner tables, coffee tables, hostess carts, portals for fireplaces, tiles for buildings and premises finishing and decoration. The company is the sole enterprise in Russia, specialized in production of such items in imitation of gems and with curative and preventive features. Curative features of items are proved by the certificates of quality and sanitation and epidemiological certificates. Due to personal incentives (age and a wish to have a rest, and also because of impossibility to find the follower of the business among relatives) an individual researher, the founder of the company, is looking for the partners, who are ready to buy the production line or its part, and also the partners for joint venture. The expected result from cooperation with a partner: to get available money (in case of selling a company) or a profit from sale of products (in case of joint venture). It is supposed that cooperation will be put into effect by inauguration of a partner into founder with following full assignment of interest (in case of selling the company) or a part of the company (in case of selling a part of the company or joint venture).

Innovations and advantages

- the sole enterprise in Russia specialized in production of items from composite materials in imitation of gems; - wear resistance, sanitary features, temperature stability, ergonomics, no need for additional processing; - composite materials, used in production, have specific structure with features of harmful informational geopathic zone waves suppression especially in premises of metal and monolith frame; - items dont radiate harmful waves and are safe.

Market application codes

07001007 Other leisure and recreational products and services
07004003 Home furnishing and housewares
07004005 Furnishing and Furniture
07005001 Fast food restaurants

Preferred countries

Armenia, Austria, Belarus, Belgium, Bulgaria, Canada, Chile, China, Estonia, Moldova, Switzerland, Ukraine

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Type of partner sought

Partners can be sole entrepreneurs, SMEs (from 10 to 250), having an experience in production and operations with composite materials, fluid stone, and also furniture plants and factories, engaged in production of tiles, tables, carts. Expectations from a potential partner is buying the company's technology through an acquisition or joint venture agreement. The result from cooperation with a partner for the company is: to get a profit using company's technology and production line, proposed by the company.

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