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A Romanian manufacturer of both classic and sportswear clothes seeks partners in order to conclude a manufacturing or subcontracting agreement

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The Romanian manufacturer, with 100% private capital and over 50 years of activity that produces a wide range of classic and sportswear for both, men and women such as: blazers, jackets, overcoats, mantles and raincoats, from various fabrics, seeks partners in order to conclude a manufacturing or subcontracting agreement.

Offer description

The Romanian company has been established in 1962 in the South of Romania and produces both classic and sports clothes for women and men. The company has over 600 employees, specialists and workers with a large professional experience. The production goes mainly to export (Spain, Italy, France, Germany and United Kingdom – working in Lohn system with high brands in Europe), but also to the local market. The company is also experienced in manufacturing uniforms (military, army, police and air forces). The production lines are specialized for the production of blazers, jackets, coats and rain-coats for both men and women while the used fabrics are wool, polyester, cotton, linen and mixtures. The largest part of production is done in Cut-Make-Trim system, but for some customers, the company supplies the fabric, trims and the accessories needed, due to their collaboration with suppliers from Europe and Asia. Endowed with modern technical equipment (computerized grading systems and patterns, automatized cutting lines and complete pressing lines), the company has a production capacity of 20,000 articles every month and can manufacture also embroidery. The company is certified according to ISO 9001:2008 standard and complies with all the environmental norms and occupational safety. The company has the technical capacity necessary for a thoroughly technological process, being endowed with: o computerized system for pattern making; o grading and markers making; o automatic cutting lines; o automatic machines for pocket welts; o specialized sewing machines; o ironing tables and pressing machines; o Software for production management. The clothes produced are mainly from woven of cotton, fully-lined or half-lined, with the possibility to prepare them for washing or dyeing process. The workers have the skills to do decorative or special machine stitches, with interiors that can be normal or more elaborated and also to work with high complexity elements when it comes to sport styles. Another advantage, for autumn-winter styles, is the fact that they can produce protective elements such as removable/ steady front-facing or waistcoats. Can be added: Columbia stitches, detachable fur collars, quilted or feather linings. The company wants to expand its client base abroad and is basically interested in a partnership with brands, designers and fashion houses, in order to conclude a manufacturing or subcontracting agreement. The company is also offering its subcontracting activities for other manufacturers and designers.

Innovations and advantages

The company advantages are: - over 50 years of activity on the local and international market; - a highly skilled team ensuring best quality of production; - best price-quality ratio; - modern production lines (automatic cutting lines, automatic machines and computerized systems for pattern making, etc.) that allow to the company to do just-in-time deliveries of the orders; - a big capacity of production (20,000 articles per month); - suppliers of high quality raw materials and accessories. The company is certified according to ISO 9001:2008 standard and complies with all the environmental norms and occupational safety.

Market application codes

07004001 Clothing, shoes and accessories (including jewellery)

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Type of partner sought

The business partner sought is a company active in the same/ related field of activity, interested in manufacturing or subcontracting agreement. The sought company should be a company that can provide a long term cooperation agreement. A general condition is to have quantities of minimum 1000 pcs / model /order and to receive the pattern and the raw materials from client.


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