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A Romanian company offers the services of its highly experienced design team specialized in CAD-CAM

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A Romanian company offers its professional services in the field of CAD-CAM (computer-aided design and computer-aided manufacturing). With a highly experienced design team, the company is able to perform complex projects and offers full packages of design and post-design services in the field of machine-tools and industrial equipment. The Romanian company will deliver either under a services agreement or subcontracting.

Offer description

During the last decades the company proved to be a business partner appreciated by customers, suppliers, and the community - a business engine fed up by science and technology, able to set performance and quality standards. The present offer consists of the design services performed by a highly experienced design team specialized in CAD-CAM. The project as a product is developed according to the requirements of the clients and consists of client tailored solutions for: • machine-tools and industrial equipment, • pneumatic and hydraulic devices for assembling or machining in various areas, • machine working devices, • stamps and various special tools, • devices and tools for geometrical and dimensional control. Nowadays, the efficient use of a CAD design department in the technical companies may be a difficult task. The Romanian company ensures highly accurate and efficient execution of projects documentation for the client’s project. The benefits of the technical documentation conversion from paper to electronic support can be overcome by the costs for completing this scrupulous operation. The experience and facilities of the Romanian company ensure the delivery of a CAD complete and accurate documentation at reasonable costs. The conversion accuracy according to the original documentation is guaranteed 100%. In this context, the company provides a full package of services for: • CAD design, • technical construction documentation according to the project of the client, • conversion in dxf files of the manual drawings, • technical assistance in projects implementation, • part or sub-assembly surveys, from solids shaping to execution drawings (2D). As the company is also active in the industry of machine-tools, it has the capacity of implement its own projects or to assist the partner in projects; implementation. The offer of the Romanian company is to cooperate with a partner company, located in any country EEN works with. The partner company should be active in the field of machinery production needing design services or, it can be a design company willing to subcontract a part of its projects.

Innovations and advantages

Located in West Region Romania, the company is known for its wide range of professional services in the field of CAD-CAM, project performing and implementation. The main advantages of working with the Romanian company under a service agreement or subcontracting agreement are: - almost 25 years of expertise in design and engineering with various specialized software, - a highly skilled staff with a large number of successful projects, - flexibility and capacity of innovation for finding the best client tailored solutions, - the use of highly skilled specialists at reasonable costs, - the possibility to give technical assistance for the implementation of the projects, - a consistent internal quality control.

Current stage of development

The offer consists of client oriented solutions that are developed according to the request of each specific project.

Technology keywords

02002009 Machine Tools

Market application codes

02002001 CAD/CAM, CAE systems
08003007 Other industrial equipment and machinery
09003001 Engineering services

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Type of partner sought

The partner sought should be a company active in the field of machinery production or a machine-tools / parts design company, located in any country EEN works with. The manufacturing company, as partner, should provide the specifications of the project and details for the design. Based on a service agreement, the Romanian company will perform the project and deliver the documentation according to the partner’s needs. Moreover, if needed, the Romanian company can give technical assistance to the implementation of the project. The design company, as partner, should be interested to subcontract a part of its projects or several design phases to the Romanian company.


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