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A producer of key identification automatic system, from Malopolska Region, South of Poland, is looking for sales agents and distributors

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The Polish company offers a key identification automatic system, which provides a modern approach to key circulation management (amongst other things) in buildings and full control over the access to service rooms, documents and other valuables stored in special deposits. The SME is looking for partners interested in commercial agency agreements and distribution services agreements.

Offer description

The company was established in 1995. Its main product is key identification automatic system. From one side, the system offers modern approach to key circulation management (and not only). From another, it provides full control over the access to service rooms, documents and other valuables stored in the special deposits. System application enables full identification and control over keys/deposits and employees as well as data analysis and immediate reaction to all threats detected by the system. • Devices are fully self-serviced, working 24/7 without any necessary control, • System lockers are equipped with technologically advanced electronics and computer network connection. This system not only secures valuables but also provides full access control, • This products are used mainly by state institutions (central offices, army) and by private companies who value the efficient, secure and easy way of both keys/items storage and their issue to employees. Key identification automatic system consists of: • The latest technologically advanced electromechanical key deposits (including atypical ones) and other valuables deposits – as the basic system elements. The deposit, or we can say ‘locker’, is used for secure keys storage and other valuables as well. System provides unlimited opportunities when it comes to quantity, size and type of deposits. Everything depends on client’s requirements. • Software – it is a relevant system element having a lot of functions, for instance, it provides easy access to secured resources and enables reports management of all system’s occurrences on the basis of selected criteria. The central database server (according to system’s size) is installed in one of the deposits or it constitutes the separate element installed for example in company’s server room. • Power and control wiring, additional elements such as cameras, racks, etc. Key identification automatic system provides: • Efficient and effective key and lockbox management • Controlled key access prevents unauthorized user from collecting the key what provides higher level of certain rooms protection. • Only authorized access to items stored in lockbox • User identification on the basis of personal ID (ex. proximity cards) and personal PIN code • Key circulation monitoring through: o Recording all system occurrences along with advanced visualizations concerning key collecting, its return and storage in locker or item deposited in lockbox o Report management system o Visual and sound alert in case of emergency o Sound alert and immediate guard post notification in case of emergency o Recording all system occurrences including exact date, hour, person and type of key o Data processing and report management on the basis of selected criteria (ex. person, work time, particular key or lockbox) o Integrated Work Time Registration (RCP) o Easy connection to already existing alarm and monitoring systems o Possible camera installation to take photos of system’s users o Unlimited system expanding through new elements installation and present system configuration. The company is looking for distributors and sales agents for their product. Possible partnership types: commercial agency agreement and distribution services agreement.

Innovations and advantages

Advantages that will benefit potential partners of the cooperation: - over twenty years of experience in electronics market, - product tried and tested by users, - the company has in its portfolio many prestigious clients, among others: o Chancellery of the President of Poland, o Ministry of the Interior, o many municipalities, o many Polish banks. - high flexibility and openness to customer needs , - system not only secures valuables but also provides full access control.

Market application codes

03004003 Other electronics related equipment
03008004 Other electronics related (including alarm systems)
09003004 Distributors, imports and wholesalers

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Area of partner's activity

Potential partner should be a company having in its offer installation of alarm systems, monitoring systems or intelligent building management system etc., seeking to diversify their offer about key identification automatic system. Potential distributor must also provide a full after-sales servicing.


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