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A Polish women’s clothing manufacturer is looking for distributors in the EU countries.

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A Polish designer and manufacturer of high quality women’s clothing is looking for business partners. Offer for distributors from the EU countries. Partners with own or rented commercial premises in larger towns are welcome.

Offer description

A modern clothing company from Poland founded in 2001 with brand created by its current owners. The company deals with designing, manufacturing and distributing women's clothing. It runs a design and construction office where qualified employees work on new collections that contain 800 pieces of clothes each year. New collections are presented in two main seasons: spring-summer and autumn-winter (plus Carnival). All manufacturing procedures are currently performed in Poland. The production is partially performed by local subcontractors. The clothes offered by this client are available in sizes from 34 to 46 and are made only of high quality textiles, with lining made of natural fibres (ex. viscose, acetate). Their clothes are decorated with handmade embroidery. Main products: women’s clothing – casual, formal, business, elegant: dresses, jackets, trousers, skirts, shirts, coats. The company sells through their own stores, chain stores inside and outside Poland and also through the online shop. The client is looking for distributors in the European Union, with own or rented commercial premises with a minimum area of 50 square metres, in cities with the population of 50 thousand and more.

Innovations and advantages

Technologically advanced manufacturing process, based on using dedicated tools and IT systems supporting the design, production and warehousing guarantees high quality of clothes and allows to offer a large variety of designs and sizes. In order to guarantee optimal material utilisation during the production process, the company uses a special software tool that uses powerful algorithms to analyse multiple nesting solutions. It is much faster and more efficient than manual marker making, which saves money and time, maximises quality control and productivity. In 2017 the company will launch a new manufacturing plant, equipped with new devices and an advanced warehousing system. The plant will also use a new multilayer cutter, which will increase the efficiency and improve quality of production. Potential distributors might be offered a special loyalty discount for wholesale clients.

Technology keywords

03005007 Textile fibres

Market application codes

07002002 Clothing and shoe stores
07004001 Clothing, shoes and accessories (including jewellery)

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Area of partner's activity

Partner sought: clothing distributor (multibrand shop, outlet store), experienced in selling quality clothes, located in larger European city (population of 50 thousand and more), using an own or rented commercial premises with a minimum area of 50 square metres. Good knowledge of local market is expected. The partner should actively advertise the client's products on the local market. Potential partners should have considerable experience in selling quality clothes and good knowledge of their local market.


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