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A Polish producer of luxurious fur caps and leather fashion accessories, outerwear and home accessories is looking for agents, distributors in European countries and is offering its free manufacturing capacities.

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A Polish company manufacturing exclusive fur caps and leather fashion accessories including scarves, gloves, jewellery, boots as well as leather outerwear and home accessories, is looking for agents, distributors to sell its products in EU countries. They are also looking for companies interested in fur and leather production. This company would like to sign a commercial agency agreement, distribution services agreement or manufacturing agreement.

Offer description

A small Polish company from Malopolska region was founded in 1989. This is Polish brand, producing exclusive fur caps, fashion accessories such as scarves, gloves, jewellery, boots and bags. In addition, they also offer leather outerwear and home accessories including pillows, puffs, blankets, hammocks. Their products are made from natural, certified leather and fur exclusively of European origins: Finnish furs from SagaFur, Tuscan sheep skin and full grain leather, the Spanish merino, as well as fur combined with exclusive materials like cashmere, silk or wool. Their materials are obtained from the world's top sources and have the best quality. To ensure the highest quality of products, this company produce them in Poland in their own factory, where they are able to overlook every detail of every single piece. Their collections have 3 style lines: sport, casual and elegant. For the best quality results they use both traditional and modern methods of production. All products are exclusively manually cut, some hand-stitched and most of them are a combination of machine and hand sewing. Every year their brand presents about 20 new styles in autumn, winter, spring and summer collections for woman, man and children. Their products are beautiful, luxurious, functional, breathable, some of them waterproof. They are created so that anyone who wears them feels special. They combine fashion innovation with traditional craftsmanship, giving attention to the quality of materials and workmanship. Their collections are targeted at high level customers, who take care about original and high quality goods. They have really fast production, they are able to prepare order during couple of days and always take care about quality. They cooperate with luxury customers from all over the world, mostly in EU, but also in South America, Japan, China, South Korea. This company is looking for agents, distributors to sell its products in EU countries and for companies that need to produce exclusive fur headgear, leather fashion accessories, leather outerwear and home accessories. This company would like to sign a commercial agency agreement, distribution services agreement or manufacturing agreement.

Innovations and advantages

Main advantages of the company: • own factory and large warehouse, • well-qualified staff, • over 25 years of experience in manufacturing of high quality fur headgear, leather fashion accessories and outerwear for different consumers, • individual attention and professional service provided to each client, • strong position in fur market, • large assortment of products: from fur caps and clothes to luxury home accessories, • specialized machines, • experience in international cooperation. The company has its own brand recognizable around the world and has exclusive customer from South Korea in the most luxury shopping centre in this country. This company offers unique product that specifies a unique person. Their showrooms are also in Manhattan in the most prestigious fashion quarter in NY. They are masters of the craft. They educate and employ the next master craftsmen who are able to prepare their customer`s orders in the best way and really fast. They are able to produce big as well as small lines for all types of customers who are interested in fur and leather production.

Market application codes

07004001 Clothing, shoes and accessories (including jewellery)

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Type of partner sought

This company is looking for agents, distributors of their products in EU countries as well as wholesale and retail companies specializing in sale of sports caps, elegant fur caps and leather accessories, leather outerwear to sell its products in EU countries on the base of commercial agency agreement or distribution services agreement. Also the Polish SME is looking for foreign company which has developed a fur or leather product and needs to manufacture certain products on the base of manufacturing agreement. This company is offering to potential partners free manufacturing capacities in the scope of leather or fur production. The potential partner should have experience in international fur trade, should have stable position on the market. The company is able to offer their special designs or prepare good with customers suggestion. They are open for big customers orders like high street shops or small lines for single boutiques


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