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A Polish producer of bee honey, mead, liqueur and vodka is looking for distributors, agents and partners.

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The Polish company situated in north-east part of Poland has been producing bee honey for 52 years. Other company products are mead, liqueur and vodka. The company is looking for the partners under the joint venture, commercial agency, distribution services and franchise agency agreements.

Offer description

The company has been on the market since 1964 and now is one of the Polish market's leaders in the production (purchasing and packaging) of honey. The firm has a facility with an area of 4,000 m². The headquarters and manufacturing facility, in which delicacies are created, are located in the north-east part of Poland. The company sells a wide range of bee honey including: • multiflorous honey, • linden buckwheat honey, • flower honey, • heather honey, • acacia honey, • honey-dew nectar, • coniferous honey-dew. Potential partners can buy bee honey in jars (400 g, 550 g, 650 g and 1100 g) and in barrels (290 kg). By the end of 2007, an already rich offer had been extended, by full range of traditional meads – from quadruple, triple and double to one-and-a-half meads – as well as “strong” honey liquors, based on traditional recipes. The company also produces a product with at least five-hundred year old tradition, called in Latin – aqua vitae, the polish spirit (with an alcohol content of 42% - 45%). Alcoholic beverages are sold in bottles (500 ml, 700 ml, 750 ml and 1000 ml). The quality of the products is continuously checked in the in-house laboratory. The quality and uniqueness of the products have also been confirmed by numerous prestigious awards and prizes – which proves to be a recognition not only from experts, but most of all – consumers – both in Poland and abroad. The company was accredited with ISO 9001. It has also BRC (British Retail Consortium) Certificate. Since 2006 the company has been a member of the European Network of Regional Culinary Heritage. Currently, the company sells products in Poland, German, France, Great Britain, the Netherlands, Canada, the USA, Kenya, Iraq and China. In order to gain a bigger market share and expand their sales, the company wishes to establish contacts with partners located in: • Western Europe, • Scandinavia, • North America, • South America, • Africa, • Asia, • Australia, • Middle East Cooperation is offered in the framework of commercial agency agreements, distribution services agreements, joint venture agreement or franchise agency agreement. The company expects that agents will help them to establish business contacts with the wholesalers and food products and alcoholic beverages distribution points. The company offers franchisees the full package of necessary information about the products and high quality products itself. In return, the company expects regular orders and – with the development of cooperation – the opportunities for cooperation with the broader group of franchisees. Within the scope of joint venture the company would like to initiate cooperation with other companies interested in creating new products, sharing experiences and opinions about the current production line.

Innovations and advantages

Main advantages and innovative aspects of the company and its products are: - high quality products and packaging – products and services meet high standards of quality, - stringent quality requirements, - in order to ensure high quality products the company cooperates with foreign companies specialising in glass packaging production, - in-house laboratory, - the company is experienced in international cooperation, - reliability, - timeliness of deliveries, - well qualified staff (graphic designer, marketing specialists, etc.) – it facilitates cooperation in the provision of preparation of trade offers and advertising campaign on the foreign markets, - highly qualified management staff.

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07003002 Health food

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Type of partner sought

The company is searching for the partners with strong and established position on the market, such as: big companies, retail chains, companies engaged in the trading of food products and alcoholic beverages or other private individuals interested in purchasing and distributing the company's products. The company is offering distribution services agreement. Commercial agency agreement is offered to agents whose role would be establishing business contacts and promotion of the company's products. The companies experienced in trading and international cooperation are particularly welcome. The company is looking also for franchisees to offer them full package of information about the products and high quality products itself. In return, the company expects regular orders and – with the development of cooperation – the opportunities for cooperation with the broader group of franchisees. Moreover, joint venture agreement is offered to partners interested in developing new entity for co-creation of new products. From the business partners the company also expects professionalism, promptness, a good flow of information, knowledge of the regulatory provisions and other requirements related to exported products (health requirements, descriptions on labels, etc.). Nonetheless, the company is also willing to cooperate with firms which take their first steps on the international arena.


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