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A Polish producer of accessories for the hunting market and specialized leathercraft is looking for distributors/representatives in European countries and is offering its free manufacturing capacities.

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A Polish company manufacturing a different accessories for the hunting market and specialized leathercraft assortment, including gaiters, transporters for pets, bags for animal is looking for a representative/agent, distributors to sell its products in EU countries. They are also looking for companies that need to produce a specialized leathercraft accessories. This company would like to sign a commercial agency agreement, distribution services agreement or manufacturing agreement.

Offer description

This well established Polish company situated in Nowy Sacz, was founded in 2009. It is engaged in production of a wide range of accessories for the hunting market and other specialized leathercraft assortment, including gaiters, pets’ transporters, specialized dog harness with a clasp hitched to the seat belt, accessories for emergency medicine (cases for Kramer Splints, covers for Kramer Splints, doctor briefcases, bags for ampoules, medicine chests), bags for animal, bags for foresters and hunters, bags for motorbike ‘s tank. They are providing trappers, medical emergency, motorcyclists, cyclists and individual clients with a great variety of specialized products. Their products are mainly addressed to the industry, shop floors, foundations, different kinds of associations, organizations and individual clients. They are open to new clients from different branches whom they can sew products. Cooperation offered: - a commercial agency agreement for an agent/representative to represent the specialized leathercraft assortment, - a distribution services agreement for a distributor to buy and sell the specialized leathercraft assortment of the Polish producer, - a manufacturing agreement to produce specialized leather accessories according to requests of the client. This company have more then 5 years of experience in the production of specialized leathercraft assortment for different consumers. The name of this company is the name of the Polish brand, that is already known for its high quality products in Poland. Their customers are mainly the sections of The State Forests National Forest Holding and large retail stores which have chosen their products and recognized them as one of the best. In opposite to Chinese products, its offers products made of high quality materials which are resistant to any damages. The products have a long durability. The company has a large production area and warehouse which allows the company to offer clients space for storage goods before the final expedition. The most modern technologies are used in the creation process of these products.

Innovations and advantages

This company has a brand that is already known for its high quality products in Poland. It has professional logistic, technical and sales services and big experience in manufacturing high quality accessories for hunting and medical emergency. Their main consumers are the sections of The State Forests National Forest Holding, which have chosen and recognized their products as one of the best. This high quality products are made of resistant and waterproof materials such as: codura, suede, leather, poliester. Goods offered by this company are creative, unique and have aesthetic design. They can be modified by a partner and the company may produce goods due to the standards and guidelines given by the partner. There is possibility to send some samples of already made products to the partner abroad in order to see them in live.

Market application codes

05004002 Rescue and emergency equipment
07004008 Other consumer products

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Area of partner's activity

Polish company is looking for : -reliable partners who would like to start cooperation with a brand that is already known for its high quality products in Poland but it also wants to be known abroad, - honest and responsible commercial partners who could distribute their products abroad mainly to the hunting, medical emergency and leisure market, -agents, distributors, ideally already distributing hunting and other specialized leather accessories and have a good knowledge of the market to distribute its products in Europe, -companies from different sectors, that need to produce a wide range of specialized leather accessories. The partner should describe the measurements: -the material which has to be used for production, -exact measures, -detailed description, -quantity of goods.


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