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A Polish manufacturer of packaging films is looking for distributors.

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The Polish company specialized in the field of production and trade of packaging films is looking for distributors of their products.

Offer description

The Polish company company has been operating since 1992 and is specialized in production, sale as well as cutting of packaging film (Biaxially Oriented Polypropylene - BOPP, Cast Polypropylene - CPP and Polyethylene polietylen - PE). The company’s products made of BOPP can be used as a packaging material with printing and laminating possibilities e.g.: flexographic and rotogravure printing, laminating, flow pack wrappers, labels for bottles, confectionery product packaging , box wrapping, fancy goods, clothing, pasta, crunches, crisps, bakery etc whilst CPP film is characterised with high transparency, flexibility, is soft and has its use in flexographic and rotogravure printing, laminating, foodstuffs packaging on rapid-pack wrappers, and packaging material for foodstuffs and fancy products. The company is offering films as smooth and perforated tapes (microperforation and macroperforation) and also as half-sleeves. The company’s products are made of heat sealable material, printed or unprinted – flat bags, side gusseted sacks, pouches, trapezoidal packaging, bags with euro-slot, flower packaging, films under flowerpots and other packaging related to flower branch, rolls and sheets. The company is active in the whole area of Poland. The main company’s clients are printing, publishing, packaging companies, food and farming sector as well as producers who put its products in plastic packaging. The company is looking for distributors of the plastic packaging and is offering distribution services agreement. The company would like to expand its business and initiate cooperation with EU partners.

Innovations and advantages

1. The company - observing current trends and the dynamic development of plastic packaging market development – constantly extends its offer and invests in modern technologies, with the aim of upgrading its services for the customers. 2. In the course of the recent years, the company has become one of the major manufacturer on the Subcarpathian region in the segment of packaging films. 3. The company possesses a modern machine park for processing and logistics polypropylene packaging. 4. The company products have all the required certificates obligatory for films destined for foodstuffs and other sectors.

Market application codes

08001006 Processes for working with plastics
08001018 Polymer (plastics) materials
09004006 Packing products and systems

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Type of partner sought

The company is looking for companies (SMEs, large enterprises and MNEs) operating in the field of packaging and film sector. Under the distribution services agreement, a potential partner is expected to buy and sell the company’s products on its markets using own distribution channels. The company is expecting long term business cooperation with European partners.


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