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A Polish manufacturer of innovative security envelopes is offering its services as a producer and is looking for distributors

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A Polish company active in the field of plastic packagings is offering its awarded, highly innovative product - security envelopes for reliable business partners. The envelope is highly competitive in terms of price, quality and its environmental performance. The company is also interested in cooperation with distributors.

Offer description

A Polish producer of innovative security envelopes is offering its product to foreign partners in order to launch it on the foreign markets. Cooperation with experienced distributors with wide web of contacts in their local market is also acceptable. Security envelope is specially designed PE packaging, which is mainly used for valuable items, money, confidential documents, material evidence. This kind of packaging secures its content, unables to open it without any traces of manipulation. The valuables are protected from the third part interference until the complete destroying of the package. The company is focused on the important role of the security envelopes for protection against unauthorized access, constantly looking for methods which effectively increase the level of security and improve its appearance. Innovative security envelopes were implemented, thanks to over 11 years experience of the company in production of that kind of packaging. So far secure envelopes were made of foil with a minimum thickness rarely descended below 70microns. Thanks to the new generation of raw materials and specially designed recipes, the company reduced the thickness to 50microns, retaining all the resistance properties of the film. Reducing envelope weight while maintaining strength parameters has a huge impact on the prices of the envelope. Reducing the weight of the film has a direct impact into ecology. Production of a certain amount of lighter weight envelopes, consumes less film than for the manufacture of thicker envelopes.

Innovations and advantages

The company was awarded the title of the Leader of Innovation in Kuyavian and Pomeranian region in medium enterprise category in 2015. Furthermore, it is a manufacturer of packagings of the full range - from graphic preparation, through film production, to the final product.

Technology keywords

02005001 Foil, fils
02005004 Packaging for materials
02005005 Plastic bags

Market application codes

08001001 Plastic fabricators
08001005 Other fabricated plastics
08001018 Polymer (plastics) materials

Intellectual property rights

Granted patent or patent application essential

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Area of partner's activity

The institutions and companies which need to store valuables, documents, money and protect them from unauthorized access. Also intermediaries, involved in a trade of such a product. Innovation of safety envelopes offered by the company should be considered in three aspects: 1. The reduction in thickness of the film while maintaining excellent strength parameters of the package is the effect of a specially developed recipes and the use of new generation raw materials which raised the strength properties of the film. 2. Increasing the quality of printing on the envelopes (high resolution print). 3. Implementation of new types of collateral, greatly enhancing the protective role of the security envelope, such as: - Secure next-generation tape (patented). The tape is individually numbered and has additional security in the form of printing visible under UV light. Its purpose is permanent closure of the package in such a way that any attempt to open such a closure (unstick) will result in permanent marks. - Personalization of the tape - which consists in printing a unique code, number, or a hidden mark for the specific production batch. On request there is a possibility of individual printing on the tape. - Innovative solution "Check frost" (patent pending), aimed at preventing non-marking opening of the package by freezing the safe tape. - Printing elements with ink visible under UV light.


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