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A Polish inventor has developed a portable water and air treatment, and wastewater deactivation system and is looking for licensees.

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A medical services company operating in the South of Poland has developed a portable water and air treatment and wastewater disinfection system. It is a set of combined devices that detect and destroy microorganisms in liquids and in the air. It can be used for diagnostics of infectious aerosols and sterilising air in stationary public locations, such as cinemas, theatres, passenger plane cabins, etc. The company is searching for licensees for that system.

Offer description

A Polish company that has been operating since 1997 in the field of medical services with a research, service and scientific profile has developed a portable water and air treatment and wastewater deactivation system. The device is a self-contained, mobile, low-energy suite of modules intended to detect and destroy microorganisms in liquids and in the air. This innovative and thoroughly original system comprises the following modules: 1. Diagnostics module - enables physicochemical and microbiological assessment of water and air quality from any field or urban source, determining the treatment procedure and controlling the sterilisation module operation in terms of microbiological sterility of utility water and air, as well as assessment of biological activity loss of wastewater. 2. Sterilisation module - parametric low-temperature sterilisation system for liquids, vapours and gases, whose intensiveness is defined arbitrarily or based on parameters from the diagnostics module. 3. Pump module - contains variable parameter liquid and air pumps designed to collect and pump media at variable rates set arbitrarily or based on parameters from the DM. 4. Power supply module - battery and voltage converted DC/AC 12/230 V, and an emergency generator for charging the battery with a petroleum engine (AC230V) or a photovoltaic cell battery. 5. Protected aseptic space module - an area separated from the rest of the volume using light elastomer walls, impenetrable for microorganisms, equipped with an airlock (air connection to the sterilisation module) and a return airlock through which sterile air is pumped to the compartment. The two modules most important for the device are: 1. The separate aseptic space module can serve as a sterile stationary box or an operating room in a hospital, a field dressing or operating station for a field triage point (in the vicinity of a disaster site), or a facility for a physician accompanying a military task group in the field; 2. The diagnostics module, which can find use in infection diagnostics or sterilisation of closed sections of public facilities, such as concert, cinema or theatre halls, cabins of passenger planes, ships or trains. The company seeks cooperation that will result in practical utilisation of the system. It searches mainly for companies experienced in medical devices production, having technical possibilities and expertise in the health sector. Their potential customers may be the owners of big public spaces, municipalities, cinemas, theatres, aeroplanes’ producers, hospitals and clinics and other companies and institutions that take responsibility for the security of large groups of population in the enclosed spaces and objects. The system may be utilised also by mobile hospitals, the army, the first aid points in the potentially affected places. The company is interested in signing the license agreement with potential partner.

Innovations and advantages

The diagnostics system, or in fact the diagnostics module, opens completely new perspectives of utilising diagnostics of infectious aerosols and air sterilisation in stationary public places, such as cinema or theatre halls, large supermarkets, etc., and particularly in cabins of passenger planes, ships and trains, causing effective infection of the entire population by a single passenger during a multiple-hour travel, and subsequently spreading the infection to residential locations even before the incubation period of the germ is complete and clear symptoms of the disease appear. An additional task of the diagnostics module is preparing quick reports on the state of the atmosphere in the cabin and the sanitary installation using one of three statuses: 1. Neutral - no signs of infection or toxic hazard 2. Locally epidemic (e.g. staphylococcus infection of a passenger's respiratory tract - possibility of infecting several people) 3. Potentially pandemic - detection of a WHO-indexed infection agent (e.g. Ebola) creating an epidemic hazard.

Technology keywords

10002001 Indoor Air Pollution / Treatment
10002007 Environmental Engineering / Technology
10003006 Waste disinfection / detoxification
10004002 Municipal Water Treatment

Market application codes

05003002 Surgical instrumentation and equipment
05004003 Laboratory equipment
05004005 Diagnostic equipment

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Area of partner's activity

The company is interested in cooperation with producers of technical appliances like filters, fans, vacuum cleaners, having expertise and knowledge in the health sector. Former experience in cooperation with medical companies, institutions, clinics and hospitals will be appreciated. The system is particularly devoted to mobile hospitals used in contaminated places, where there is a probability of existing epidemic or pandemic situation. It may be used also by doctors working for an army in the area of military mission or war. In extreme situations in special cabins equipped with the system there may be surgical operations carried out. Moreover, the system may be useful in places of gathering of bigger amounts of people, like cinemas, theatres, congress centers or even aeroplanes’ cabins for prevent potential germs from spreading. The inventor wants to start a cooperation under a license agreement.


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