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A new revolutionary frame assembly system without using welding for gardening and agriculture is offered to European distributors.

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A Spanish company located in Lleida (Catalonia) produces and commercializes a new revolutionary frame assembly system with square tubing that enables frame assembly without using welding. This system gives the opportunity to create and build steel, iron and/or wood structures without the need to weld. These structures are especially useful in the fields of gardening, greenhouses, solar panels and fences. They seek to establish long term agreements with distributors from EU countries.

Offer description

The Spanish company was founded in 1998 and it is located in Lleida (Catalonia, Spain). It is specialized in the construction sector, particularly in the manufacturing, assembly and commercialization of insulating sandwich panels and in the maintenance of all kind of iron and steel machinery parts and materials. Recently, the company has incorporated in its product’s portfolio an innovative frame assembly system with square tubing, in which they seek to focus their future activity. This new bolted structure which does not require welding can be used in many fields such as: • Greenhouses • Garden houses and huts • Tool houses and huts • Solar panels • Fences This new system uses 20 different pieces which enable all kind of frames and connections (steel, aluminium and wooden frames), and it can be used by unskilled personnel. These pieces can adapt to different types of tubes (metal, aluminium or wooden) of different sizes (5x5 cm, 10x5 cm and 10x10 cm) and structures to combine all three sizes are also provided. This new innovative system that uses metallic connections guarantees the capacity of creating any structure without welding using a system similar to the Meccano, which gives all clients the opportunity of creating solid structures for their own needs and purposes, achieving a perfect fit. The company has paid special attention to the quality of its manufacturing by acquiring the International patent (PCT) and the Community design. The company has already international presence in the United Kingdom, USA, Dominican Republic, Haiti and Morocco. Their next step is to expand to new markets and consolidate their position in the ones where they are already exporting. In order to continue with their international expansion plan, the company wants to establish long-term relationships with specialized distributors in EU countries. With this objective in mind, this company seek to establish agreements with distributors from EU countries interested in promoting and selling their unique products.

Innovations and advantages

• Commercialization of an innovative new product unique in the world market. • Ownership of patents. • Easy assembly system that provides cost savings to the customers. • System useful for many applications, mainly gardening, greenhouses, solar panels, farms, fences, etc. • Easy assembly: the system does not require any type of machinery or welding for assembly. It is a system of screw joints, for this reason a great knowledge or special tools are not needed. • The system is a mobile structure. Therefore, it does not need any permission or any project for installation. It also allows for it to be used for temporary needs and to remove it when it is no longer needed. • Cost savings: this system has a lower cost than any other system, both in terms of raw material and for the speed of the installation. • Robustness: the type of materials used for this structure has a high strength. - International patent and Community Design

Technology keywords

02006001 Materials, components and systems for construction
02007002 Building materials
02007008 Iron and Steel, Steelworks
07001001 Agriculture Machinery / Technology

Market application codes

08005 Other Industrial Products (not elsewhere classified)

Comments, number and date of patent

International PCT Community design

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Type of partner sought

The company is looking for long-term cooperation relationships with reliable distributors that are active in the mentioned sectors (or similar). The potential partners should meet the following requirements: - Strong costumers portfolio (manufacturers, aluminium carpentry, farmers, construction companies, particular and design firms, chain stores of DIY (Do It Yourself), building material/hardware stores, etc.) in the mentioned sectors (or similar). - Well-established business. - Good coverage of their county or region.


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