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A Lithuanian company, specialized in whole trade of spare parts for cars, is offering joint venture or acquisition of the whole company

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A Lithuanian company, specialized in wholesale trade of spare parts for cars and development of private automotive bearing brand, is looking for the possibility to sell the company or establish a joint venture agreement with companies, producing spare parts or specialized in wholesale trade of spare parts, preferably in Russia, Latvia and Estonia. Product range includes wheel bearing kits, hub units and belt tension bearings.

Offer description

Joint stock Company was established in 2010. Bearing packing brand was established in 2006 in Italy. Manufacturers for European well-known brand names were found to supply bearings to pack under new brand. Bearing kits are packed together with fitted seals produced by one of the famous manufacturers in the World. All rights of the name are patented and kept by the company. As well, "know-how" and sales exclusivity are exceptionally under control of the company. All production is certified under POCT (point of care testing) regulations until 2017. Constant stock - around 60000-80000 Eur in Vilnius. Orders are accomplished in 3-4 days. The company sells their products for companies in Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Russia, Moldova, Belarus, Kazakhstan. The company has 30 wholesale customers. Other partners and suppliers supply clutch kits and parts, brake hoses and cables, valves, guides, windscreen washing product in tablets (exclusive sales rights). The company is looking for a partner in Russia, Latvia and Estonia for company acquisition or joint venture procedures.

Innovations and advantages

The main advantage of the company is fast and profit-yielding trade relations between the East and the West, making use of the favorable geopolitical position of Lithuania and storage opportunities. Company has a flexible and fast service system, reliable and firmly established contacts with foreign and Lithuanian forwarders that ensure fast and reliable product delivery to the customers. The company provides logistic and custom clearance services in Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan. In 2012 it was certified with a certificate "Strongest in Lithuania" and in 2013 - as a reliable and strong partner in Lithuania. A private brand name gives an advantage to coordinate and make any changes according to customer's needs. The range can be widened with other products, special items. Special structure is created to form the range of bearing kits, to mark and code them. The product is signed with sign "Collected in EU".

Market application codes

09003004 Distributors, imports and wholesalers

Preferred countries

Russian Federation

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Area of partner's activity

The company is looking for automotive spare parts wholesale companies or spare parts manufacturers from Eurasian economic union or Latvia and Estonia to cooperate with the company in creating sales net in new countries, sharing responsibilities, investments and profit. Partner would become a wholesome part of joint venture company to continue development of bearings brand name. Or the company is offering acquisition agreement for potential partners who would be interested in buying the whole company. Different parts of kits are produced in different countries and then brought to Lithuania to repack and complete desired bearing kits according created catalogue and customer's order. It takes time collecting needed kit parts, also big amount of money is frozen until fulfilment of sales. Also, it is necessary to keep constant warehouse stock and get constant orders. Company needs partners with existing stable sales net and a team of sales managers able to travel most of the time.


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