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A Lithuanian company seeks manufacturing, joint venture, distribution services or commercial agency agreements with manufacturers, wholesalers, retailers in women’s garments industry sector

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The Lithuanian company is specializing in providing clients with a wide range of women tricot garments made by the well experienced people from the industry, using the modern equipment and guaranteeing the best quality product. The SME looks for manufacturing, joint venture, distribution services or commercial agency agreements with different kind of partners (manufacturers, wholesalers, retailers specialized in garment industry sector).

Offer description

Established in 1996, the company is still a Lithuanian fund company. During the first decade of its appearance, the company was offering sewing service for Lithuania's, Denmark's and UK's clients. After working with the local market, the SME started supplementing a list of their clients with companies, brands from Scandinavia (Marimekko, Finland) and other EU countries. Today, the company offers a wide assortment of female tricot clothing such as: - dresses, - blouses, - skirts, - trousers, - jackets and etc. The products are consisted of materials acquired from French, German, Italian, Turkish, Korean, Taiwanese and other providers. The company’s goal is to ensure clients the most optimum price and quality proportion. The company uses the modern constructing, pattern cutting and sewing equipment which allow them to guarantee the high quality product as well as fast passed working environment. All available goods meet the European Union established standards, CE marking, quality certificates. Specialists of the company are working with "Brother", "Yamato" and other world's recognized sewing equipment. Also, company can provide clients with small services such as sewing and making loops for buttons, putting various applications etc. Knowing quantities the costumer need, a detailed proposal showing complete technical specifications, prices, presentation techniques and times can be prepared. The Lithuanian SME looks for manufacturing and joint venture agreements with manufacturers of wearing apparel or other outerwear. The company looks for distribution services or commercial agency agreements with wholesalers, retailers of clothing in specialized stores or via Internet, or purchasing / sales agents, who have access to garment industry sector. Company targets UK, Scandinavian countries, Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, France, Switzerland, Austria.

Innovations and advantages

The Lithuanian SME has 20 years’ industrial experience, high quality services, fast passed environment as well as modern technologies, which are used to make all client ideas and wishes become the reality. The company offers services from garment constructing, samples making and retouching, pattern cutting, sewing till making the end product as well as packing it. Companies brand stands for femininity, highest quality and a combination of classic and modern styles. In order to stay up to date with the latest trends, company is unique in its elegant designs and solid colours when creating each collection. Companies goal is to make every woman feel special as well as comfortable and self-confident. In 2004-2009 company was acknowledged as one of the fastest-growing companies in Lithuania and received a "Gazelle" nomination.

Market application codes

07004001 Clothing, shoes and accessories (including jewellery)

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Area of partner's activity

Type of partner: manufacturing companies, wholesalers, retailers or purchasing /sales representatives. Field of activity partner: - manufacturing companies, which specializes in women's clothing sewing; - wholesalers, retailers or purchasing /sales representatives, who have access to the women's clothing sales sector . Role of partner: - manufacturing companies should have long experience and high quality standards in producing women's garments; - wholesalers, retailers or purchasing /sales representatives should have a strong local network in this sector and represent the products in their own region or country by using their existing distribution channels. The Lithuanian company offers the preferred partner a manufacturing, joint venture, distribution services or commercial agency agreement.


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