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A Korean SME having developed a rollable far-infrared electric heater

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A Korean IT SME offers an electric heater which is made of carbon fiber. It is used to make a far infrared electric heating system. The electric heater is safe from fires and burns. Also it works well anywhere with convenient storage and excellent portability since it is rollable. Furthermore, its heating capacity is superior to conventional ones with 50% less power consumption. The company is seeking a sales agent or a distributor who can assemble parts and sell the end product.

Offer description

When it comes to heating a house, it is wiser to use a heater when there is only one person staying in a small room than to heat up the whole house. Accordingly, choosing an economical and efficient heater has become a crucial part. The heating elements of conventional heaters tend to have higher temperature rise, and fires can be easily caused from carelessness. People frequently get burns from the heater since the heater is too hot. In addition, the life cycle of the conventional heating lamp and heaters only last for 3 or 4 years, and they are not so portable and easy to store. Most importantly the power consumption of the conventional heaters is very high, so in order to solve such problems, this Korean SME active in the IT field is offering this innovative technology, which is a human friendly carbon fiber heater with high portability and high energy efficiency. Compared to the conventional heaters, this new heater has much better performance. Firstly, the temperature only rises up to 85 degrees, so it resolves the problem of fires and burns. Also, the heater has various colors, patterns, and textures to choose from, which helps decorating a house in a fancy way. Additionally, since the heater can be rolled up, it is portable and easy to be stored anywhere. With far infrared radiation heat and a lot of negative ions, it is efficient to control indoor humidity and purify the air. Besides, it has semi-permanent life-span with 50% less power consumption compared to the ones of conventional heaters. The Korean SME has received CE(Conformity to European) marking to prove its safety before exporting its technology overseas. A partner who is able to assemble and sell the end product in their own country is sought. The company wants to find a sales agent or a distributor available for commercial agency agreement or distribution services agreement.

Innovations and advantages

- The temperature only goes up to 85 degrees Celsius, so it resolves the problem of fires and burns - It is very efficient in storing the heater when it is no longer used in summer - It does not take up a large space - It reduces 50% of energy consumption compared to the conventional heater

Technology keywords

03004004 Electrical Engineering / Electrical Equipment
04001002 Heat transport and supply, district heating

Market application codes

03004 Electronics Related Equipment
07004 Consumer Products

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Area of partner's activity

- Type of partner sought : company - Specific area of activity of the partner : any types of companies in the field of home appliances, or small domestic appliance manufacturing companies - Task to be performed : assembling parts and sell the end product to regional customers with marketing & promotion strategies


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