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A Korean Company offering devices, connectors and modules with RF (Radio Frequency) technology is seeking global distributors to sell its products

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A Korean company developing and selling RF technology including devices, connectors and modules is seeking global distributors/agencies. The company’s main products are applicable to military systems and industrial systems especially in aviation and wireless communication. The products can be customized. Experienced distributors/agencies with expertise in defense-related industry or companies interested in RF components are preferred under commercial agency and distribution services agreement.

Offer description

A Korean company is known for developing and manufacturing parts of AESA (active electronically scanned array) radar with RF technology. With its own R&D center and experienced engineers, the company has established excellent references in the Korean defense industry. The company’s main products are active & passive devices, connectors, RF filters, and RF modules for military and industrial systems. 1. GaN MMIC (gallium nitride monolithic microwave integrated circuit) The company’s GaN MMIC is a wideband MMIC power amplifier fabricated on a Taiwanese company's GaN25 0.25um GaN on SiC (silicon carbide) process. The GaN MMIC operates from 9-10GHz and provides 30W of saturated output power with >30dB of large signal gain and >30% power-added efficiency. The GaN MMIC, size of 4.5 x 4.5 mm, is fully matched to 50 Ω with DC blocking caps at both RF ports allowing for simple system integration. 2 DC Connector DC connector uses PPS (polyphenylene sulfide) + 40% GF for housing material and beryllium copper (C1740 or C1720) able to withstand high-level reliability tests such as thermal shock, temperature, humidity, and salt. By integrating the structure of the pin and the housing, the shaking of the pin can be prevented, and pin sliding can be also prevented by mating the connectors with each other. It is composed of 4 pins of 3A and 7 pins of 20A. So, 4 types of connectors are 1 set. ST type, RA type, gender, and cable are included in 1 set. 3 Stack Connector Stack connector uses PPS + 40% GF for housing material and beryllium copper (C1740 or C1720) so it could withstand high-level reliability tests. By heat-sealing the pin and the housing, the pin could stick in the housing to prevent pins from bending when the connectors are mating with each other. It can be used without soldering because it's a press-fit type and connectors of different lengths can be combined. 4 A-Type Connector A-Type connector could withstand high-level reliability tests such as thermal shock, temperature, humidity, and salt. It consists of a total of 68 pins (3A 4 pins, 20A 64 pins), and male and female types are one set. It is a customizable product, and number of pins/pin length/housing height are changeable. 5. Screw Connector Screw connector can withstand high-level reliability tests by selecting the body material as C3604 and forming the pin material as beryllium copper (C1740 or C1720). In addition, one side is formed in the shape of a screw, so it can stick to a device without a separation. The company has BMA (blind-bate A) type and female type and it has very compact size. 6. LPF (RF Filter) LPF (low pass filter) only passes the low-frequency band, so It is often used for removing spuriousness and harmonics. The company’s LPF is a coaxial LPF type and a bullet shape. The input and output are BMA connections, the frequency is s-band, and it has an insertion loss of about 0.3~0.4 dB and a return loss of less than 20 dB. The specifications (frequency, loss, etc.) and mechanical specifications can be changed according to the customers’ requests. 7. BPF (RF Filter) BPF (band pass filter) only passes a specific frequency band that is required. BPF can be manufactured in various types, but the BPF manufactured by this company is manufactured in the form of a bullet, so it can be used instead of a thru adapter for PCB (printed circuit board)-to-PCB connection. The company has bullet-type s-band, x-band, and ka-band (27.5~28.5GHz, 34.5~35.5GHz) in prototype, and it’s possible to develop other frequency. Excellent performance in military and 5G mobile communication can be expected with a very compact size and low insertion loss. The company is seeking global business partners in Europe, especially in the field of wireless communication network, under commercial agency agreement and distribution service agreement to sell its products. The company is open to discuss otherwise if needed.

Innovations and advantages

The company’s GaN transistors are a major device for RF systems and it increases signal transmission distance much more than existing devices. High amplifier GaN MMIC uses GaN device that has more than double output power. Thus, it’s known as a major component for AESA radar because it amplifies the signal at the end of AESA radar and RF systems. By offering customized types of connectors, the company can meet customer’s satisfaction. The company has various experiences in developing and manufacturing RF technology including holding quality certificates of AS9100 and IS09001.

Technology keywords

01002005 High Frequency Technology, Microwaves
01006002 Broadband Technologies
01006006 Radar
01006009 Signal Processing

Market application codes

01005002 Satellite ground (and others) equipment
03004003 Other electronics related equipment

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Type of partner sought

- Type of partner: Companies performing network solution (electronic warfare and radar, wireless communication) - Specific area: Companies with expertise in not only radar, but also in RF components for satellite communication and mobile communication (ex. SES, Qorvo, Mouser, APC tech) - Task to be performed 1) Distribution solution with marketing and promotion strategy and provision of services to users when necessary under distribution services agreement. 2) Serve as an agent to represent the Korean company's products and to further trade activities or operations on behalf of the company under commercial agency agreement.


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