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A Hungarian SME specialized in expert software development – Microsoft, Java, Android, iOs, Business Intelligence ( BI) - is looking for subcontracting opportunities

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Profile type: Business offer


A Hungarian software developer team is offering an experienced talent pool for remote software development projects. Key areas: Microsoft software (including Cloud apps), Android, Java, B2B software development and Business Intelligence/Data warehouse solutions. The company is looking for application development subcontracting opportunities either directly from potential clients or via ICT expert consultancies managing complex ICT projects for their clients.

Offer description

A Hungarian experienced senior software development and design services team with associated project management and graphic design services offers high quality business application development services. Developers (including senior level developers) have particular experience in applications developed in/using - Microsoft environment: SQL,.NET or ASP.NET, C#, Java or SharePoint, Dynamic CRM, C# and applications running in Cloud (Azure and other), MSQL (over 15 developers) - HTML/Java, Scala, Oracle, MySQL, Spring – over 10 developers - Mobile app team: Android, iOS, Objective-C - Business Intelligence and Data warehouse team: Microsoft BI, Jedox, Microstrategy The teams also contain experienced analysts, architects and project managers. All or staff members speak good English, some also speak German. A table of qualifications and certificates is available upon request, as well as list of references and case studies, and list of „ready-made” software products. Main model would be remote work, however, the team members are ready to travel for shorter periods to clarify issues or directly co-operate with client’s software experts. Besides classical subcontracting opportunities directly from potential clients, the company is also seeking contact with ICT consultancies, which are recommending/arranging software developer specialists for their clients for specific projects and tasks or act as intermediaries between clients and suppliers in classic ICT outsourcing/nearshore outsourcing activities.

Innovations and advantages

- The clients will have access to a complex talent pool with a wide range of skills (from mobile app development to specific healthcare application development knowledge) which enables the partners to develop complex and innovative applications without seeking further (external) professional experience. - The team offers cost-effective programming/software development services in Europe, either in a form of „nearshore outsourcing” or other type of collaboration. - - The team is ideal for a client seeking for an innovative partner for a long-term partnership, to develop niche and multi-platform applications for the European market. - Specific experience in developing Healthcare solutions, BI/data warehouse and web/mobile applications - High level of data and information security - Microsoft and other internationally known certificates and continuously developing knowledge of team members, with internationally acknowledged certificates - Waterfall or Agile methodologies - Dedicated and experienced project managers, European headquarter – in the vicinity of potential clients

Market application codes

02007002 Database and file management
02007006 Other system software
02007007 Applications software

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Type of partner sought

- Type of partner sought: 1. Software developer company looking for extra programming capacity or specific skills like SharePoint, SQL or Oracle knowledge, mobile development skills or additional graphic design. 2. ICT expert consultancy searching suppliers/project participants for specific tasks and complex development projects or act as intermediaries between local clients and technical development team. - Specific area of activity of the partner: business or healthcare software, including database analysis, BI applications, web-based applications and cloud solutions. - Task to be performed: complex ICT/software development projects


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