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A German manufacturer of smartphone controlled gadgets and toys is looking for distribution partners

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A German company develops and manufactures smartphone controlled gadgets and novel 'appcessories' such as smartphone controlled toy planes. In order to bring their products to new markets, the company is looking for distribution partners.

Offer description

The German company was established in 2012 and developed the first smartphone controlled plane in the world. For this product, they made use of an unique B2B Bluetooth Smart technology. The company is implementing the "Internet of Things" for toys and gadgets with its team of 15 people in Bremen, Germany. Designed especially for hobby pilots and consumers who are open to new experience the plane is controlled intuitively by the users smartphone. The company uses Bluetooth Smart technology in order to extend the range up to 60 metres. In order to pair the smartphone with the plane, the user simply has to activate bluetooth and hold it near the plane. A maximum of 15 minutes of flight time is possible. Charging takes a maximum of 13 minutes and is possible via micro USB. Controlling the plane is done with an appertaining app the user needs to install on his smartphone. It features an artificial horizon as well as thrust lever and other instruments displaying the signal strength etc. Sliding the thumb up and down on the app makes the plane do the same. In order to turn, the user simply needs to tilt the phone to left and right. The product was introduced on the German market in 2014 and can now be purchased in other countries as well. Furthermore, the company developed the next generation of smartphone controlled planes that will be launched in summer 2016. These gaming drones will bring a whole new user experience as it will be possible to team up and battle each other. The company is thus looking for new distribution partners in order to bring their products to new markets abroad.

Innovations and advantages

- manufacturer of the worlds first smarphone controlled plane - use of state of the art Bluetooth Smart technology - use of the smallest and lightest Bluetooth Smart printed circuit board (PCB) that has been developed by the company as well - easy to control with an app that comes for free - range of up to 60 metres - durable construction - powerful battery - free and constant updates of the firmware of the plane

Technology keywords

01003004 Computer Games
01003006 Computer Software
01003016 Simulation
01003021 Remote Control
01005006 Visualisation, Virtual Reality

Market application codes

02007001 Systems software
03001006 Controllers
03001007 Circuit boards
07004007 Mobile homes
07004008 Other consumer products

Intellectual property rights

Secret Know-how

Preferred countries

Brazil, Canada, China, Israel, Japan, Mexico, Netherlands, Norway, Russian Federation, Singapore, South Korea, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom, USA

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Area of partner's activity

The potential partner should be a distributor with a broad experience of the toy, consumer electroncs and rc (remote control) hobby market. It should act as a distributor of the company's products on their respective market. Good knowledge of the national market is essential.


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