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A French software start-up offers high values services in spectral analysis dedicated to food, environment, pharmaceutical and chemical industries and is looking for licence agreement

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A French start-up provides a software solution that allows detection and quantification of organic constitutents and calculations of organic-related parameters. It develops a technology based on a database and a software for managing spectral analysis, mainly by near and mid infrared spectroscopy. The solution is dedicated to industrials handling organic matter as food, waste,…- with quality needs and process control matter. The solution can be deployed under a license agreement.

Offer description

The company, based in Paris Region (in France), is at the crossroads of connected sensors, biology and spectroscopy sensing enabling new categories of applications such as food safety, biological processes optimization and food intolerance (gluten, glucose (diabetes), albumine, etc.). They are expert in the field of chemical analysis, statistics and mathematics applied to the spectroscopy (chemometrics) and software production. They provide a software for managing analysis by near and mid infrared spectrometers, based on a databases of more than 150,000 spectral signatures. The field of application is the analysis of organic matter: food, plastic, drugs, oils, high value molecules, waste, water, either in solid forms, powders or liquids. This software is used to translate spectra coming out from spectrometers into a useful value of interest for the end-user, for example : nutritional analysis (protein, lipid, calorie, etc.), water content, ethanol content, etc. Depending of the needs, additive features for decision tools are available. The services allow an instantaneous analysis of organic matter. For example, assessing the quality of raw matter, online analysis, detection of drift in production process, detection of impurities, quality of final products, etc. To extand their business opportunities, they are looking for new European brands, groups, or factories for deploying the software through a license agreement. The company wants to find partners interested in discovering the many applications of this technology.

Innovations and advantages

The services and products benefit of a strong database (more than 150,000 spectral signatures and reliable algorithms) and the knowledge of the team on agro-industries and environmental topics. They use their own spectrometers and a strong analytical fleet for building and growing databases. Near and mid infrared spectroscopy are the only technologies that can integrate various analysis in a single hardware and provide an instantaneous analysis of multiple parameters such as amount of molecules, global quality compared to a standard, process control,… The products reach the same performance than classical lab analysis and allow online analysis. The analysis is non-invasive, non-destructive, is possible through glass and plastic, without sampling or using chemicals and can be repeated without limitation. The analysis can be performed in the lab, online, on the field, and in a portative way. The software is hardware agnostic and can be deployed for any brand of spectrometers available in the market.

Technology keywords

01003006 Computer Software
01003010 Databases, Database Management, Data Mining
02003005 Information processing & Systems, Workflow
09001008 Other Non Destructive Testing
09001009 Sensor Technology related to measurements

Market application codes

04005 Biochemistry / Biophysics
07003002 Health food
08004002 Chemical and solid material recycling

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Area of partner's activity

The company is looking for industrials in agro-industries, pharmaceutical, petrochemistry, chemistry and environment sectors looking for innovative and cost-reductive ways of performing instantaneous analysis on raw matter, control quality during the process, control quality of end-products, counterfeiting detection, etc. The company will deliver an access to their platform under a license agreement.


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